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Injured Cat

One of my cats, Sheeba (the grey one that is often featured in photos) was injured, suspect that she was hit by a car on Saturday morning. As a result she had to have her tail amputated from the very end where it connects with the body. Because it was so high up the vets also had to pull skin from her back down around where her tail should be. Major surgery, 4.5 hours!

She came out of hospital tonight (Tuesday), was in there since Saturday morning.

Thankfully she is in good spirits and very affectionate. She’s expected to make a full recovery.

She will have her staples and stitches removed in about 2 weeks (about 50 staples).

She is a very, very lucky cat. If the injury was just about half a centremetre higher she would have crushed her pelvis and the vets wouldn’t have been able to save her.

They have been wonderful at the surgery, so nice to us and just fell in love with our kitty.

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