I live! miracle that it is, I try to teach my two young sons, 9 and 5, the lesson of life that tells you to stop in the forest, stop what you are doing, and look around at all things. Smell and taste your surroundings and then realize that "I am alive!! My youngest son, Cary, asks me almost every day “Dad, how long are you going to live?”, and I answer ‘I live now.’ Do not waste your life wondering of such things, son. Talk to the Great Spirit. Tell him thank you for such a beautiful sunrise, or the citrus smelling Orange in your hand. Look at it, and see not a moment of self pleasure as you eat, but, rather, a miracle of life, delivered into your hand. Everyone stop. Pick up something and study it. Look for a miracle. Feel for it. Delve into it. For you are Artists, and can see more than most. I Live!! WE LIVE!

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