An Unexpected Sale

… Course unless you’re, like, really popular, then they all are, but wowsers.

It appears just 2 hours or so ago I sold a tee design of one that is very close to my heart, [the Alt version of] Brave New World:

It’s dear to my heart, and I’m admittedly kinda bias towards it for that, and also because it was the first big, bold abstract piece I ever did [and put up online for sale in X form].

Other than a tee for me, though, the original and it’s Alt haven’t sold anything – till now, so yeah… Brings a :) to my face that someone not only appreciated a work of mine enough to buy it, but that they ‘believed’ in that one too!

So thank you Mystery Buyer, I really hope you enjoy it. :)

Ciao everyone,

~ Dan

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