Who is Bigfoot’s Great Grand Daddy?

Who is Big Foot’s Great Grand Daddy?

Whether living in a city or on the mountain side,
People from the world around astound us with their views.
He’s nine-feet tall, a hairy thing as upright he flees and leaves.
Only tracks are left behind and a humongous memory,
They say that Big Foot does exist and for eons has survived.
A humanoid of greatest size, a hairy, beastly mystery…

Could he be a type of man, some scary giant beast?
Birthed on earth destined to roam, living on the land.
Was Bigfoot a hunter-gatherer on earth since ancient times?
Living on the land without a man-made dwelling to call home.
And if he is really all that they say and if he roams the earth these days,
Tell me, someone, won’t you, please, who is Big Foot’s Great Grand Daddy?

Hum? Let’s have fun with this idea. (Maybe the Bible gives us clues.)
Think about this; (Genesis 27: 9) Jacob leaves to get two goats.
As instructed by his mother, they scheme to cheat Esau, his brother.
By steal his father’s blessing. Meanwhile, Esau is far away.
Hunting for venison as asked. Preparing to meet with dying dad—
Obedient. But, alas, a deceitful plot continues.

Jacob was a smooth skinned man. (Genesis 27: 11)
And Esau was very hairy. (Genesis 27: 23)
So, Jacob brought the goats to his mom even though he felt very leery.
Mother claimed that she knows best and prepared goat for feast to Isaac’s taste.
She, then, gives Jacob Esau’s clothes. “Put these on,” she says.
For Esau’s smell, your father can tell. (The clothes smelt like Esau and the fields.)
She tied some goatskin to Jacob’s hands (Genesis 27: 16) and then upon his neck.
She sent him in to feast with his dad and to receive a father’s blessings.
Isaac questioned Jacob’s voice and then, asked to feel his hands.
Satisfied by the goat hair disguise, (Genesis 27: 21 & 22) the deceit was working well.
Together Isaac and Jacob ate; then his father’s blessings were upon Jacob bestowed.
The deed was done the path was laid. Beastly man, smooth skinned brother, together.
Let us for a moment think. Clues? Clues? Clue— There’s a clue in there somewhere!

CLUE # 1:
Esau must have been as hairy as a goat because (Genesis 27:23) when Jacob posed as Esau and gave his father the feast. Isaac was fooled.
Because, when he felt Jacob’s goatskin clad hand and neck, he thought it was Esau.
So, since goatskin is so different than modern man’s human skin, it follows that
One twin, Esau, was very hairy, as hairy as the beast of the fields.
While the other twin, Jacob, was smooth skinned. As smooth and “modern” man—
Hum? Have scientists found evidence of two types of humanoids living near one another during the same time period?


His lifestyle would be one of Lordship over his extended family.
Like modern man, there was a social structure, rules and their leader.
So, Jacob was blessed to be Lord over his brethren
And to be sustained by food and drink: corn to eat and wine to drink.
Thus, Jacob would live stationary enough to grow corn and grapes.
Clues? Clues? Clue— There’s a clue in there somewhere!

CLUE # 2:
Jacob’s habitat was a parcel of land where crops could be grown.
He with his family, which he would lead and rule, worked.
They grew sustenance, food and drink, by their sweat in the fields.
Together he and his relatives both then and in the future, worked.
They were not hunter-gathers like Esau would become.
Instead, they lived in stationary dwellings and worked the land.
Was not farming near Mesopotamia the beginning of civilization?
Did hunter-gatherers, like Bigfoot, set up homesteads there?

As the story continues, the deception was discovered.
When Esau came home that day. He brought cooked venison to his dad.
Isaac was sorely surprised and when he revealed the day’s events,
Esau cried. He cried and cried. He begged his father, please! Please!
Give me a blessing, too. So Isaac gave Esau a blessing.


Esau’s was blessed to dwell on the fatness of the earth. And drink the dew from heaven. But for a while, he would live with and serve his brother Jacob. Esau would, later, become strong enough to break the yoke of bondage from his brother. In other words, Esau would one day leave his brother’s rule and find his own habitat; they would no longer have bonds. Clues? Clues? Clue— There’s a clue in there somewhere!

CLUE # 3
Esau’s habitat was a place where he would be free from his brother’s civilized lifestyle.
He would live…hunt for his food, and survive by using his sword.
The natural environments on the earth would sustain him with food plants and animals.
He would drink water provided by heavens: rain, snow, and the morning dew on leaves.
He would not need to live near rivers and streams in order to survive, like most men did.
Esau would be strong, unbind able, unyoked— stronger than…
His smooth skinned civilized brothers living in groups.
He would be free from his dependence on his brothers’ ways.
He would live free from his brother’s rule…free from civilization’s laws.
Bigfoot lives free from modern man’s rule and from civilization’s laws.
People who have seen Bigfoot say that he is a big (very strong looking)
He is hairy (like a goat), upright walking creature like a giant hairy man. (Like Esau).

Thinking. Wondering. Finding. And smiling. Does the Bible tell us this?
Two very different looking brothers that once lived together…separated.
One habitat: groups with many others, surviving together: raising cattle…growing crops.
The other habitat: one sustained by the land, woodlands…different life styles. (And laws)
Bigfoot? Modern man? Not co-dependent for survival, have unlike lifestyles, and laws.

Hum? Separated for eons, their gene pools not intermingling became greatly different. Esau socialized his family about living off of the land…by word of mouth.
Jacob socialized his family about living together in groups and developing civilizations.
If Esau was the first Bigfoot, and if Jacob remained in the civilized community,
Then Isaac would have been Bigfoot’s Great, great…granddaddy.

(Now isn’t Bigfoot very hairy? Yes!
And doesn’t Bigfoot live off of the land? Yes
And doesn’t he drink of the dew from heaven? Yes, probably.)

Perhaps Bigfoot doesn’t harm men because Esau’s explained, “man” by word of mouth.
Perhaps Jacob’s offspring were so busy being “civilized” that they didn’t talk about Esau.
So Bigfoot knows about man, but man doesn’t know about Bigfoot. Could it be?

Hum? Is there scientific evidence that there was a split in the linage of men? Two distinct humanoids living at the same time…and sometimes found to have lived in the same region one with another? Just wondering! SMILES.

REFERENCES: The King James Bible; Chapter 27

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Genesis 27:23 And he discerned him not, because his hands were hairy, as his brother Esau’s hands: so he blessed him.

Genesis 27:16 And she put the skins of the kids of the goats upon his hands, and upon the smooth of his neck:

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