beautiful day

It was a beautiful day. Sun was glittering to your window. No cloud was on that pretty blue sky. No rain, no snow, now fuckin` fog. This great view made you happy. On your face showed smile, first since a long time. You decided for a walk. So very quickly you put your shoes on your foots and closed front door from the outside. You were walkin` through the park, near some shops, cinema and many other buildings. You looked around and you couldn`t get why this all things are so beauty now ; never before, never after; but just right now. But you were still very happy. You`ve met lots of people that you`ve known. Some of `em were your very good friends always, but others were your enemies. So how shocked you should were when, as you passed this enemies they suddenly stopped and said: ”Hallo” to you, very warmly and friendly. Possibly firstly you thought: ”Am I dreamin`? That`s so strange.” But then: ”People change. Finally.” So you said: ”Hello” too and walked straight. At that time on your minds were only few words: ”The most beautiful day in my life.”
It was getting late, but sun was still shining very strong and you didn`t want back home. So you were still walkin`. When you passed the playground, where children were havin` fun, you decided to go to the big forest, which was behind the playground. You made few steps and then entered this forest. There was so amazing. Little, green grass-path was swimming in sun`s beams. Birds voices have relaxed you. You felt like you`re in 7th heaven. As you, shocked by nature, were walkin`, you`ve seen 3 of your friends. You ran to `em and you started talk together. It was really nice meeting. You haven`t seen `em since few weeks. While talking` suddenly sun hid and it started to get dark, and darker. And then from two bushes, that were near you, jumped out 4 tall, strong men with knives and kinds of heavy metal things in their hands. When you saw `em, you were very scared. Your smile had quickly gone. Bad guys were walkin` to you fast. On their faces was painting evil smile. Your friends shocked by this situation , in big thrill, started to run away, as fast as they could. They`ve hidden by some bushes far away. They left you with that guys alone. You had no chances. Evil men, when they came to you, said: ”send and deliver.” So you took out your wallet, but there was no cash. Guys repeated: ”send and deliver.” But you knew you had no money. You told `em that, but they didn`t wanna believe you. In big anger men started to hit you. Your friends were still just lookin`, from that bushes, how you hurt. But one of your friends couldn`t hold it up any longer and watched your pain. So, stopping by two others, jumped out from hide and walked back to you. He wanted help you somehow. But when two of evil men went to him and started to fight with him and when they used knives and heavy metal things, your friend have known that he had no chances to win. Lookin` at your massacred body, he screamed to you that he`ll go for help. As he said, he did. He ran very fast, maybe faster then cheetah, and very quickly disappeared in trees.
This 4 horrible, bad men were still hittin` you, but they were doin` it more stronger. They started playin` with knives, one hit you in your left ear. They also used metal things to hurt your legs, arms and head. You were damn so exhausted, that you couldn`t say a word, even: ”Help!” After about 15 or 20 minutes help finally arrived. Policemen shouted to guys to stop, but they didn`t do this. So policemen took out their guns and trained to `em but suddenly evil-doers took out guns too, but those were much bigger. Both sides started shootin` and that educed that bad guys backed away. When they were escapin`, one fired to you and got in your heart. Then they were gone. Policeman, of course, ran after `em. And you…? You were still ling on the ground all in blood. In a moment to you ran doctors and your friend, all in shock and tears. He didn`t want to lose you, he told you that, holding your hand. Doctors were tryin` rescue you somehow and recovery you but you`ve lost too much blood and you had a big hole in your heart, made by shot, so doctors couldn`t do anything then waited for your death. Your friend lied near you, hugged you and cried, cried very, very much. By rest of your steams you looked at him and said: ”Oh my friend, please don`t cry for me, I not deserve for your tears, your sadness and for you. I want you to know you`re the best!” Then he told: ”How can I not cry when I`m seein` how my best friend is dyin` all in blood and I can`t do anything. Maybe if I didn`t run away at the beginning and if I went for help ealier, you`d pull through. But now… I`m sorry, I`m so sorry. Will you forgive me my behaviour?” You put your bleeding hand on friend`s heart and very slowly and quietly said: ”I know my time`s getting` over, more quickly with each second, so I want you to know I`m happy I can leave this cruel world knowin` that during my life I`ve met you, my best friend. And I want you to tell that I`m forgivin` youuu………..” After those words your spirit left your red body and flew away. Your friend, touched by your last words, were holding you and cryin` for very long. Then sun showed out of clouds. It was shiny. The brand new day has came. Next the most beautiful.

beautiful day


Krasnik, Poland

  • Artist
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