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Is It Spring Yet?

Nothing fancy or professional about this journal entry; I just wanted to take a minute and express “THANKS” and “AFFECTION” towards all those who continue to follow my work and leave comments despite my inability to keep up and respond in kind.

I’ve got my finger in so many things at the moment and despite our really cold temperatures the last couple weeks (and some snow flurries) the Daffodils are blooming outside around our Dogwood tree indicating that Spring isn’t to far away which means that we have a new roof to put on our house along with some other major home repairs and renovations that need doing. Anyone interested in a “painting party”? I’ll provide food! ;o) LOL!

So I’m trying to keep myself and my husband focused on the “Honey Do” list and walking the floor wondering how we’re going to keep all these cats and dogs out of the fresh paint, and keep them calm while the shingles fly and the banging on the roof is going on…among other things.

Hopefully everything will come together but until it does, my time here will be limited.
Some of our Senior pets are keeping me very busy as well, they are ageing faster than I am (or so it seems) and health concerns and problems keep popping up that we never had to deal with before. It shouldn’t surprise me, but it’s never easy to see your pets (or anyone for that matter) get old and sometimes all you can do is make them as comfortable as possible. Thank goodness for flannel blankets and heating pads for pets. ;o)

So again my RB friends…….you may all ready be tired of hearing me say all this……but I do mean it from the heart…….THANK YOU! Thank you for not forgetting us and I promise I haven’t forgotten you and I will make it up to you all one day soon when things settle down again.

Huge Hugs from myself and all our “rescued pets”.

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