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Vacations and Computers! Oh My!

I woke up in a cold sweat late Thursday night because I had a dream (some might say hot flashes but I digress) and in my dream I had a wonderful idea for a card. Instead of laying there tossing and turning I came in here to set down and see if I could bring my subconscious ideas to fruition at the computer.

There was one problem; the computer had been in the shop since Wednesday morning. Forget hot flashes, I was going through withdrawals; withdrawals from several weeks straight of setting many hours aside to work on my gallery here, and enjoying the works of others to have it all suddenly come to an end because a cd/dvd drive refused to function properly, a virus figured out how to sneak past me and my anti-virus software and a fruity drink was spilled in my keyboard rendering some of the keys useless. Combine that with the fact that my parents went on vacation for a week and left me to babysit my feline “brothers”; as well as care for our household I have sort of had my hands full.

By Friday night the desire to get back to work was more than I could stand. I dragged out the “old” 40 pound computer that was purchased back when Windows were only something we looked through and got it hooked up hoping that I could at least check my e-mail. Imagine my surprise when I tried to log on to Red Bubble, got as far as the front door only to have it shut in my face. (Later I was told by my computer people that I had such an old version of Internet Explorer on that computer that nothing would pull up.)

Saturday morning bright and early came the call from the computer people that my computer was “ready”. Yippee!! My camera was loaded with fresh new pictures for me to analyze and I was ready to get back to work. Setting down here yesterday I got comfy in my desk chair and decided to put on some music and try out my new cd drive only to discover that I no longer have sound on my computer, the drivers are missing.

So now, after another bump in the road we’re heading back to the computer place, to my computer people to pinch someone’s nose in a hard drive.
I miss everyone, and hope I can get back and get caught up soon.

Hugs to all!

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