dear deciet. I hope you were happy today. When you wached hell freeze over and my heart break. You told me lies. You made me cry. And I took every last piece in stride. I’ll hold my tongue but damn you got me good. I thought I had something special for one moment for one beautiful moment and you let it all slep away. How trecherous how awful lets see how long this will take. I have a forecast for you now. And it doesn’t look so wonderful. Looks like I’m busting out of here and you have no intentions of stopping me. Decieful love why did you feel so right? Why is everything that is wrong comes so easy?. I truly meant I love you so please believe me. I am losing a grip on reality on cohesive thoughts. When it comes to you they wander in every direction and I am often lost. Dear deciet you’ll tech me a lesson I am sure… But someday I’ll thank you but probably not today. It hurts. I’m broken. But hey looks like I’m being decietful to as I smile and say everything is okay.

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