I wish you would let her go, and just hold onto me. I’m not making you choose, you’re making me. Each breath i take gets uneasy, each heartbeat gets harder. You tell me to relax, that this means nothing. that she is nothing more to you than a friend. I hold onto beliefs that this is truth. Truth always seems to haunt me though. our truth might be a surprise some day. Some day you might wake up and fall back to the past. The past you tell me to accept. The past that will take me away, and while you lose you’ll gladly let me drown. Was i really worth saving? am i really worth more than her? . I guess i will never really know. feelings are so tricky, so deceitful. Sometimes it is nothing more than a hoax that your mind and heart simply agree on. As you fall fast and hard , the other person forgets they were supposed to catch you, Broken and bruised you piece it back together. Am i just catching fireflies and fooling myself into believing they are fallen stars? Am i dreaming a bigger dream than you? I can only hope you are real and that you will complete me. The water is high but i just jumped right in, and i swim towards you everyday, and i hope everyday you will be there. I hope everyday you will break the fall, you will wipe away the tears. I hope every day you truly choose me.

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