burning in love

The devil holds my hand tonight, while jealousy flames around me. I can’t see past the burning fire, i can’t reach you id rather die. I bit my tongue so hard its starting to fall off. I could scream till a vain burst and you still wouldn’t see or care. A heart beats a thousand different ways and i think your heart took a different route. If i had alcohol i would poison my mind to the point where i forgot, forgot i cared, forgot i wanted you this bad. I told myself i could shove this aside i could get over it, but each words stabs me in the heart a little more and i bleed a little deeper. I’ll let you walk through the flames and watch you burn and not feel a thing. i can’t make you understand, i can’t make you agree.. i’ll probably walk away. Why does she get everything when she willingly left your life, why does she still get to know your name and love from you. where do i get to stand? in the background i will fade out. I thought it could of been, i thought it might, might be love. Maybe i jumped to soon. maybe i was dreaming, this might be my pinch of reality, and i might be to blind to take a hint. Im surrounded by racing thoughts, i hope i get hit, i hope it hurts. maybe then i will come to my senses. maybe then you’ll care. The devils holding your hand with temptation and it seldom loses. like a game of chess, its so strategic, and its so concise. Each move is played with a delicacy behind it, each move breaks me in half. each move will shut me down. I lost all caution when i met you, but now im slamming on breaks that don’t work. I will collide, and i will fall apart at the seams. You’ll either save me, or you’ll save her. it all comes down to you.

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