You made me believe

Those Blue eyes were deep enough for me to drown, every word you said I swallowed. I was so in love, I was falling for what i thought i knew. Yes, you stated your case so clearly, but remember love is blind. You read my words, i guess you never stopped to realize they were about you. You were left wondering why i wouldn’t face you. Let me state my case ever so clearly. you were everything i thought i wanted, the way you made it seem like i was important. the way you wrapped up my insecurities and told me i was safe. I interpreted you so lovely, you were were my glimmering hope. You spoke softly, you delivered your lines. I know what you told me….well you were a fool to think i would believe you. I thought i could change you, i thought i could obtain you. Wasn’t i sweet enough? wasn’t i good enough? I guess i wasn’t what you wanted in the end. I could’ve came to terms. i could’ve let it all go. You never actually cut me lose though did you? you never told me it wasn’t possible, you never told me you just didn’t want me. No matter the reason it turns out i am glad that i am not your type. Now you sit and question why i wouldn’t want to be around you, or talk to you. Because you made me believe. you made me believe in nothing, you made me believe in a slim chance that wasn’t there. well i didn’t know. i got the memo a little too late, when i saw that you had a girlfriend. Then it hit me, I just wasn’t your standard. Sorry, i took it kind of personal. Don’t worry, i will never be so foolish to ever fall for you again, i know better now.

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