I just hope.

I hope you’ll open up to me someday, to find that I have empty pages waiting to be filled by you.
No, I’m not asking for the key, the key to your heart, I’m simply hoping that I unlock a part of you, a part that I can keep, I can conceal in secrecy,
In your eyes, I see your wavering uncertainty, your love insecurities… I see the spark that I temporarily ignite within you. I see happiness lurking behind a cloud of sadness, wanting so desperately to break through. I see a mystery gone unsolved, a puzzle with changing pieces. A story more powerful than words could ever be. More importantly, I see you staring back at me….
We are two hearts beating on a broken drum, but somehow are music is lovely.
Hold my gaze a little longer
Hold me close for one more second
Let me show you something new
Take this adventure with me
My hands waiting.

Even if you elegantly decline, my hand will still be waiting.

I’m not asking for forever, I am asking for a plain and simple…..chance.

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