Quick! Kill me before I die.

His parents didn’t believe in any god and they’d raised him accordingly; so when after his parent were both killed in a fatal car accident when he was just 15, and he sought the light becoming baptized, his name became one of ironic eminence.
“Christian,” I called to him. “Just use a knife to open it.” He came into the lounge a few seconds later, and handed me a large kitchen blade.
“Here, you do it.”
“Okay, sure thing.” I said, turning the blade to its side and pressing it hard against the neck. It flicked up with a spurt of blood and I abruptly dropped it to the floor. “Fucken Jesus!”
“Shit, ill grab you a towel,” Christian disappeared down the hall while I held my finger trying to suppress any blood flow.
“It’s a good thing I caught the wine,” He said passing me the hand towel. “May have smashed on the ground.”
“It’s not bad,” I said. “But now I’d really like a drink.”
I wasn’t much of a drinker, but was now quickly on my way to drunk a few glasses of red into the afternoon. I really hated the sight of blood. Christian luckily always had a way of calming me down. Even in the most of bizarre situations.
“Jannel sure is a lucky girl.” I said.
“Oh yeah, I mean you’re a terrific guy Christian.”
“Oh well, hey,” He said, barely a whisper, and leaning into me so close I could feel his breath on my face. “I think…that’s the grog talking buddy. But thanks anyway.”
It took me being drunk to appear the touchy one. “Normally you’re the overly dramatic one of the group.” He just laughed, and poured another drink.
Another drink in, the door started to knock and Christian hopped over to greet his wife. Only when he opened the door, he was greeted by a rather rough looking feller in a grey uniform.
“Christian Sonnet?” The feller asked.
“Uh, yes.” Christian was staring over the guys shoulder. His face then turned to a look of utter horror and shock.
“There’s been an incident, I’m Shaun Marshall.” I stood aside Christian and saw Jannel’s car on the end of a tow truck. One side of it was bashed in. Broken windows. Broken hearts?
“Oh my – Jannel, is she with you? Did she make it?” Christian had the driver by his collar now, with both hands.
The driver slowly shook his head. “I’m sorry sir, she’s not – “At this Christian gasped and took off down the hall, with moaning noises and whimpering sounds following him. I looked at the driver in disbelief when the house was flooded with curse words. This drowned out what the driver started to say, and I just closed the door on him and chased the soundtrack to Christian’s misery. Jannel was his life. This was horrible. And I was so buzzed and in shock, I’d dropped the towel covering my finger and even felt a little remorse for whatever stains this may have made. I rushed to every room in the house. “Christian, where are you?” The moaning had stopped. Then I saw it. The knife I’d cut myself with. It lay on the ground outside the bathroom door, slightly ajar. Only the knife was now caked in wet, not dry blood. I took the knife and went inside the bathroom where I found Christian, laying on the floor and sobbing.
“Oh, Christian, no!”
“I cant…I, not without her.” He was split open at the wrist. Split open deep. Bleeding. Fast. Spurting.
“My god Christian, she’s, she’s in heaven now,” is sadly all I could think to say. “You shouldn’t have -”
“Buddy,” I could see the light draining out of his eyes. He lay there limp. “I – I’m going to be with her now, in -”
“Christian,” I said with immense torture. “It’s a sin, suicide.” He won’t be admitted into heaven. He had lost so much blood and was surely close to death. And he knew this.
“Bud, I know -” Christian looked at his arm, pointing to the gouge in his flesh. “Look, I’m done for now.” He wasn’t kidding. He’d cut so deep, that when he mopped off a pool of blood from the wound, I could see right in, past the veins and into his muscle. I gasped and my eyes flooded with tears. “Fucken hell.”
“No, not hell buddy.” He took my hand in his. The hand that still held the knife that’d seen so much action already. “You must finish me, so I can be with Jannel.” If I wasn’t so unnaturally intoxicated I wouldn’t have even thought of it. Then again, it could be shock. This was one of those truly bizarre situations. And Christian somehow, even now, even in all this blood, had me calm. He was my best mate. But he loved Jannel more than life itself, and now he sat in a puddle of his own blood, getting bigger by the second. He’d die, by his own hand.
“Okay,” I said patting him on the chest. He was breathing hoarsely. I turned my head to face the hallway wall. A portrait hung. Christian and Jannel. So happy, looking into each others eyes rather than the camera. Pure love. This is how it’s meant to be. And so right then, I returned his dying glance…and thrust the knife downwards.
I was aware my alcohol induced state would soon wear off, and I’d go into major shock as I followed stains of blood on the floor, through towards the door. My own blood. At the door I bent down to retrieve the blood soaked hand towel, and then the door softly hit my head.
“Oh, shit sorry Kev.” I looked up to find Jannel standing in the doorway. Unharmed and looking like a perfect image of an angel. “Oh my, your hand…what -”
I was too shocked to say anything. “You’ve cut yourself. Jesus look at all the blood. Here,” She took to re-wrapping my sliced finger. “It’s not that bad, I know how much you can’t stand blood.”
An image hit me…Christian surrounded by his own blood, spilling still.
“So as you’ve heard, I was in a rather nasty accident – I’m perfectly fine though.” She was. Jannel motioned to the car as the tow truck took off down the street. “That car sure isn’t though…poor thing. I tell ya though; I was not going to get in that truck with him. Gives me the creeps, so I took a taxi.”
Another image hit me…the knife handle sticking out from Christian’s throat.
“I mean, he kinda looks like…well a criminal you know?”
The total and devastating irony of everything hits me…
“Anyway, it’d be far too, what’s that word I’m looking for? Oh well, you know. I just survived a car accident and then image being stabbed to death by some alcoholic.”

Quick! Kill me before I die.


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A god-fearing christian named Christain finds his wife’s car totaled in his driveway.

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