Damien Mason

Kangaroo Flat, Australia

I am a web designer, flash developer and illustrator. I live in Bendigo with my lovely wife Cheryl and out little kids Oscar and Lily and...


Influence Map

I decided to have a shot at creating an Influence Map as designed by fox-orion on DeviantArt

It’s a good exercise in focusing on what, for me, was mostly subconscious influences. I hope you’ll all have a go and post a link to your own maps here

Click for full size

PEOPLES OF MELBOURNE! We are invading!

This year, like most years, Cheryl, Os and I are returning to our home state of Victoria over the Christmas break to see family and eat until we fall asleep.…

During these three weeks of degustation we’re also planning on visiting Melbourne, and I’m wondering if Melbournite RedBubblers would be interested in meeting up? We tried to do this last year (twice!) but each week in the days before we left Oscar would get sick. He’s a year older now, hopefully a bit healther.. plus if we need to he’ll stay in Bendigo with our family :)

So yeah, we’re leaving the weekend of the 8th of Jan, so were thinking between New Years day and that weekend would be a good time for a visit. Is anyone going to be around and would want to meet us for lunch or something? We’ll be catching the train up so somewher

15% off everything! But only until November 14th..

For (less than) one week only you can get 15% off everything in my portfolio! http://www.redbubble.com/people/damienmason/shop/t-shirts

You just need the code


This takes my tees down to $25.50 if I’ve done the math right.. that’s just about cost price! Plus if you buy four (or have three mates who’d also like a tee) you can get free shipping.

You have until November 14th.. that’s the end of this week.. so get browsing!

Here are a few designs that might interest you, and there are plenty more. Plus remember, all the tees are also available as hoodies, kids tees, and onesies! Any baby would love to wear a cute monster or tentacled bear!

Barina Spark design - please vote!

Hey guys,

I’ve designed a car! Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.. there’s a competition over at http://www.designerspark.com.au where you can design a “skin” for the car.. then people can vote on it and the like.

I decided to design the sort of car I would like to drive .. although ideally, the car itself would be covered in fur and scales ;)

Go and check it out and if you like it, give me a vote (you can win stuff)

The Threadless results are in...

..and my final score is..


Damn. This is made worse because back in 2006 I submitted a design which, to be honest, wasn’t very good . I hadn’t been drawing much and certainly not any tees back then, and it got a score of 1.5. So in four years and a lot of work, I’ve improved a total of 1 point.

Obviously I tend to feel like the last thing I’ve done is my best work, but I really thought this one might get over a 3.. There must have been a lot of people scoring it 1 or 0.

Ah well. After the required 3 months it’ll be back up here on RedBubble, anyway.

My Little Apocalypse on Threadless - Please vote for me!

Hey all,

My last design on threadless was four years ago.. and it was crap, and caned by the community there. Fair enough. It’s taken me a while to get up the courage again, but I’ve finally decided to have another shot.

My Little Apocalypse is now up for voting! If you like it, please go and vote for it and tell your friends, family and random strangers to do the same. Here’s hoping I can beat my previous score of .. 1.5 :(

15 in 15: Artists

I got this sent to me by Quinton Hoover (who made it on to my list, incidentally) on facebook. I thought I’d include it here so you can all enjoy it :)

The Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen Artists who’ve influenced you and that will ALWAYS STICK WITH YOU. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Chuck a link to your journal in the comments so I can see who you have included.

Let’s see whatcha got!!

1. Hayao Miyazaki
2. Quinton Hoover
3. Mike Mignola
4. David Lanham
5. James Jean
6. Scott Wegener
7. Albrect Durer
8. Sam Keith
9. Katsuhiro Otomo
10. Kevin Eastman
11. Time Sale
12. Humberto Ramos
13. Paul Cezanne
14. Jeff Matsuda
15. Mike Krahulik

Contract project for designers/illustrators

My employer Good Dog Design has a contract project available for a casual gaming site. It’s probably around a 4 – 5 week job and you would be working with me on interface and game visual design. You don’t need to be in Adelaide to apply either.

If you’re interested please send through a resume to henry@gooddogdesign.com. If you have other questions feel free to ask here or via bubblemail.

Iaido demo

Hey guys,

Yesterday my teacher Takeo and I performed a demonstration of Japanese Swordsmanship at the Moon Lantern Festival in Rymill Park, Adelaide. The style we study is Hokushin Shinoh Ryu Iaido – I’ve been studying since 2004, and Takeo since he was 4 and a half! It was a beautiful day, and even though we were on pretty early (4:10) we still managed to gather quite a crowd.

Here’s a few photos from the event

Nanna won a bathroom!

Massive thanks to everyone who sent votes and luck towards my grandmother – the votes got her into the top 5, and the luck resulted in her winning a bathroom makeover! This is fantastic, to everyone who helped thanks thanks a million times thanks :D I’m sure if you’re in Bendigo and desperate for a shower she’d happily share the bathroom with you ;)

Signed Giclée prints

I’m selling some super limited signed and numbered Giclée prints. These prints aren’t available anywhere else in any other format, and once I reach number 50 they will never be sold again. They were both drawn in pencil and then scanned and digitally coloured, and are available in A3. They’re $80 Australian plus postage. Email me on damien@damienmason.com or via Bubblemail to order.
More info and the prints currently available here

Help my Nana win a new bathroom

Hey all,

My Nana is 86 years old. She is the nicest lady you’re ever going to meet. She’s in a competition to win a new bathroom, and I’m asking for votes. Sure, it’s not a design by humans or threadless competition, but I’m hoping you’ll still give her some support :)

Just go here: http://theradio.com.au/ProgramHome.aspx?ProgramID=609&PageID=9464&Station=3BO_Bendigo and then click on Bathroom 1.

She certainly can’t afford to fix up her bathroom, so this is really the only chance to get rid of those horrific plum coloured tiles. Surely that’s enough to spur on all my fellow lovers of visual beauty :)

Interview with Simon Sherry

Hey all,

Over on my website I have posted a massive (some might even say “epic”) interview with our very own Simon Sherry. Read it now

Si really got into the nuts and bolts of how and why he does what he does, I found it incredibly interesting to talk to him about it and to be honest, I would have happily kept chatting away but I wanted to post it :)

So please, go and have a read , leave a comment, and if you’re the only person left in the world who hasn’t heard of Si then check out his work right now

Have you bought any of my stuff?

I’m hoping to add photos to my site of people wearing (or sticking or hanging) my work.. so if you have bought one of my illustrations, I hope you’ll take a photo and send it to me.

Kind of like the buyers booth, I suppose, and if you’ve added something there then awesome, send it on through :)

You can see more here

Limited edition signed art prints

I’m going to be producing a very limited run of one of my illustrations. If you would like to be told when it’s up for sale, send me an email (damien@damienmason.com) or bubblemail me your email address.

The plan is to make 50 giclee prints of the illustration, and each will be signed and numbered. This print will not be sold in any other format anywhere else in the world. If it does well, I will do future limited runs of other prints, but never again with this one.

I realise it’s all going to come down to the print and the cost, but right now I’m just after general expressions of interest. Obviously this isn’t about people promising to buy something. If you have any further questions please ask

New portfolio!

It’s taken me a fair while, but I’ve finally got a new design for my portfolio

I wanted to move to something more professional for my own work, but with more potential in the blog.. I’ve added some of my redbubble stuff over there, but I have a fair bit more to add.

Check it out, and please let me know what you think!


Call Girl Process

Hey all, I thought I’d post a process journal for my latest piece, Call Girl

I started with a sketch, which I did in my moleskine notebook with a pencil, with Jo’s photo up on my wife’s laptop. I scanned it, desaturated it to take out the yellow of the paper, and played with the levels to bring it to this:

Next up I added some colours. Originally I had it all much darker and bolder with solid cyan and magenta, but it just didn’t feel right, so I pulled the colours right back to this. You can see the colours were really rough at this point.. this was more to establish the palette than anything else, so I needed to be able to sit back and quickly mess around with it.

I got that to a point I was happy with, so I did quite a bit of cleaning up of both the colours and the lines. This gave m

Awesome stuff for the teh babbies

Hey guys,…

I thought I should share some non-me-related artworks that go particularly well on kids clothes. Make sure if you haven’t seen the work of these people before you go and check out their portfolios.

I have to open with this gem

It works as an adults tee. It works so much better as a kids tee.

Really, poo is funny. Kids know it, and adults should know it too.

Just too cute for words :)

I actually have one of these on a tee, and it’s awesome. Oscar loved the high contrast. Kids eat that shit up.

A very useful reminder.

Your kids won’t understand this, and that makes me sad. But I will, and that makes me happy.

Okay this one is a bit mean :)

So there you go. Does anyone else have any works from other artists they would like to recommend? Chuck it in the comments. Because we can’t

Read David Lanham's Interview!

Hi guys,

David Lanham has replied to the questions from the International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination. Check out his responses here

I’ve also put the interviews with Von Glitschka and Craig Phillips in new threads. These are fantastic resources, and interesting insights (in ten questions) to the thinking of some very talented commercial illustrators. Anyone who is hoping to improve in their craft or possibly move into the commercial sphere should check them out.

I’m open for suggestions for more illustrators you would like to hear from. I’m prepared to contact anyone to ask.. you never know your luck ;)

Image Feed Joy

I just had to share this. This awesome image popped up in my image feed and made me smile

Thanks to Lloyd Harvey and Arisun and whoever on my watchlist favourited them both and fate for lining it up for me.

Anyone else have any accidental Exquisite Corpses pop up in their image feed?

I am opening a dojo!

I’ve been studying Hokushin Shinoh Ryu Iaido (traditional Japanese swordsmanship) since the end of 2004, and early last year reached the rank of Ni Dan, which gave me an Art Name (Go Seki 豪石) and also made me a Sensei. Since then my teacher has been pushing me to start a dojo out in my area of the southern suburbs of Adelaide. I put it off for a while because we had just had Oscar, but now things have settled down and it’s all going ahead.

I’ll be opening the dojo at the Reynella Neighbourhood Centre on the corner of Reynell and Old South Road (Map) and classes will be on Thursdays from 7pm – 8pm. I still need to finalise the hall booking, but right now it looks to open on 22nd April.. in two weeks :)

I realise there aren’t all that many South Australians on this site, let alone peopl

Cthulhu Sketch

Here is my latest sketch from the bus ride into work. As with the last one, I welcome any comments you might have. Last time the comments turned this sketch into this tee so it was really beneficial.. and I do listen to comments :)

See it big here

I’m thinking maybe a four colour tee, simple like the OMG tee, with the heart in Cthulhu cut out and the top heart the same colour as Cthulhu’s skin.

So yeah, please, let me know what you think.

Ask a question, win US$20

I feel a bit silly asking this again, because it’s been two months without very many questions.. so obviously people just aren’t that interested. Still, I shall once again draw out this dead horse and see if anyone new would like to have a kick.

Illustrator Von Glitschka has offered to answer ten questions from you, our RedBubble audience. He’s knee deep in the commercial world, having done work from the likes of Adobe and Upper Deck. If the chance to pick his brains wasn’t enough of a drawcard, the best question asked will also get a RB voucher for US$20.

All you have to do is drop a question in the thread, so please please please go and ask some questions (did I mention PLEASE!?)

Tenticular sketch

Hey guys, I sketched up this new tee while riding the bus into work this morning. Sorry about the dodgy photo, I took it with my iPhone :)

View full size

I’d love to hear what you think. I thought of it when I noticed my wife tends to wear jackets partly done up over tshirts.. and I thought it’d be cool to have something that looks cute and nice poking out the top of the jacket, but which underneath is a monster from the darkest depths of the ocean. Plus who doesn’t like drawing tenticles?

A Eulogy of sorts.

In the early morning hours of Wednesday 24th February, after a difficult battle with cancer, my Dad passed away.…

We had a complex relationship. When I was a child, I feared his temper. As a teenager, I matched it with my own. It was only as an adult I finally began to understand him. He was a man of complex emotions, raised with seven siblings by his mother. Stoic and strong, he was your typical Australian man for the day – he loved a beer, and a smoke at the pub after work. He could fix anything that was broken and was happiest in his shed pottering away at some project or another.

My family travelled quite a bit, and it wasn’t possible to stay in a place for more than a day without Dad making friends. He was honest and warm, and people took to him immediately. At the funeral peo

The Hokushin website is finally finished!

For those of you wondering where I have been, all my free time has been spent working on this site:…


I designed and built it on a Wordpress base. Go and check it out, I’d love to hear what you think.

If you’re really keen, I’ll talk a little now about the process in getting this beast finished.

Okay, so the original site was a basic html site. It wasn’t anything particularly beautiful, but it had the information people needed and it did the job. The problem was that only one person had the details to update the site, so it was becoming more and more out of date.

This is where I came in. Around 2005 a group of us were asked to develop a new site, and we decided a CMS (Content Management System) was the way to go. This would allow anyone to log into the site via

Ask a question, win US$20

Hey guys,

I posted a little while back that we have a chance to pick the brains of the talented and prolific commercial artist Von Glitschka

We haven’t had quite the response I was hoping for, so now we’re going to sweeten the deal. The best question asked in that forum will win a shiny new US $20 redbubble voucher!

There’s a bunch of things that might make a question best. It might be the funniest, or the most useful, or the most insightful. The smartest option is to just ask the questions you want answers for.

So please, head over to the thread and get asking.

Von Glitschka interview questions wanted

Hey all,

I sent off some questions to Craig Phillips, the talented illustrator we have for the first of what will hopefully be a series of interviews with commercial illustrators over at the International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination

Not one to sit idly by, I’ve set up the thread to collect questions for the next artist, the prolific and tireless Von Glitschka

Von’s running a successful Illustration and Design studio, as well as heading up various other websites full of resources for illustrators. His work clearly demonstrates the merging of illustration and design concepts in wonderful harmony.

Head over here and start dropping in your questions!

A rare opportunity for my fellow illustrators

Hey all,

Well, I have some big news for my fellow ISoDIaWDers. I contacted a variety of commercial illustrators asking if they would have a few minutes to answer some questions for the group.. and the first one has replied, the incredible Craig Phillips

This is an amazing opportunity to pick the brains of a very talented commercial illustrator. I’m asking the group to submit questions for him here so I hope you’ll head over and post there.

I’m really excited by this, and I hope you are too.

Get clicking

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