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Kangaroo Flat, Australia

I am a web designer, flash developer and illustrator. I live in Bendigo with my lovely wife Cheryl and out little kids Oscar and Lily and...


Who wants to win a t-shirt?

Really, the question should be “who doesn’t want to win a t-shirt?”. I’m running a competition to guess our baby’s birth date and time, and eye colour, and the closest guess wins a tee.
To enter (and for slightly more information) just head over here

Price decrease

Hey all,

Just so you know, in light of the increased cost of tees I’ve brought my markup down somewhat. This means my tshirts are sitting around the $35 mark.

I’m really more interested in having my work out there and having people wearing it than making large sums of money off this site. I hope this makes them a bit more affordable for anyone who’s been considering how to show off their love of monsters or fear of monkeys in a tshirt form. Hopefully in the future the cost of tees comes down again so I can make the prices lower still.

All the best

Redbubble logo competition

Ok, voting in on for the redbubble logo comp – go and check it out here

I entered this piece:

So if you feel like supporting odd red monsters with giant tongues (and who doesn’t) then go and vote ;)

Edit: It’s number 215 incidentally

Your two favourite things

Ok guys, I’ve got a bit of an idea here. Basically it goes like this.

1. You tell me your two favourite things
2. I majick up a picture of them both and put it on a tshirt
3. Everybody laughs. Oh, the times we will have.

I don’t expect anyone to buy the tee, I just feel like doing something a bit different :)

So tell me; what are your two favourite things?

My review of Compassion, Courage and Friendship, the latest Redbubble Publication

I’ve had a copy of Compassion, Courage and Friendship (seen here for size comparison), sitting on my desk for a couple of days now. I’ve been trying to work out how best to review it. To be honest, when somebody sends you something free it’s really hard to get past the joy of that and see to the heart of the matter.. but as this is a review that might help people decide whether to buy this book or not, I need to be as unbiased and honest as I can.…

And so I put on my critical pants.

For starters, the packaging is really nice. It’s got its own little box that the book sits in so if you’re like me you spend an extra few seconds trying to work out how it opens before you realise. The book itself is on great stock, the cover in that semi-gloss you want to rub your face against and the page

mikoto on creativity

mikoto is a master of branding and kawaii. He can bring out an insane level of cuteness in anything from an icecream to a dog humping a shoe. I would love to see every illustration he has done as giant plushies, which I would gather into a big pile and leap into with gay abandon. Maybe that’s just me.…

mikoto Mocha

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

Being creative and using mikoto as an outlet for that energy certainly gives me a sense of well being and purpose. its is a great way to balance out work and my own personal life. I like to try and have all the different aspects of my life compliment not compete against one another. I like that in my profession as a teacher i can talk about my endeavors with mikoto. I also like th

Website design update

Like all web designers, I am never happy with the look of my portfolio. As such I feel the need to update it every month or so. Occasionally I even have the time to actually do the update!

Anyway, I’ve made a new theme based around the colours on pedro.. please go check it out and let me know what you think.

Mark German on creativity

I think I first encountered Mark German in the critique forum.. a wonderful place to make friends :) He’s always been very considerate and considered in his dealings with people, and I think that shows through in both his work, and his responses to these questions. He’s a man who sees the world fully, rather than just passing through it.…

Another World

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

Growing up, I did not realise that I was creative. Looking back, I can see that creativity is what made me tick all along. Everything I do revolves around creativity. My work, my passions, and me relationships. I tend to see things a little differently from the normal, which is why most people think I am a little weird. The other side of my worki

Chris Wahl on creativity

Chris Wahl is one of those people who are so talented you actually hate them a little bit. I was following his blog before I ever found him on RedBubble, and I could pretend he’d be some pretentious bastard.. unfortunately for me, it turns out he’s actually a really nice and approachable guy, and not at all hate-able. Damn.…


How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

I think having a creative mindset definitely enriches my life. I can’t imagine how mundane and limiting life’s experience would be with not being able to think ‘outside the box’. My mind is always ticking over with new and creative ways to approach everyday life and I think most of the time this has a positive effect on friends and family.

Art is definitely the m

mcdowell finlyson on creativity

Hey all, Jo asked me to take part in the Mission to Share The Love and so my first interviewee is the incredibly talented "mcdowell finlyson ":http://www.redbubble.com/people/mcdowell . I am well impressed by the vigour and dynamism of mcdowell’s work, so if you haven’t checked him out already, go do it now

dead worker watering gardenias

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

I was always the guy staring out the window at school, lost in reverie whilst the teacher was explaining some fundamental law of mathematics or an arcane principle about genetics or some such…been a dreamer ever since i could remember, being able to slip between reality and some mysterious fug is as effortless as peeling a bannana .This fuels my art , i am nev

54 - Bang Bang Robot

Hey all..

A little while ago a bang called 54 contacted me asking if they could use my Love and Destruction piece for their new cd cover. Being the control-freakish designer that I am, I mocked up the whole cd cover for them.

Anyway, they’ve been manufactured and they sent me a copy. I’m not sure where you can buy the cds apart from getting to their live gigs, but you can listen to the music over at their myspace page


Wow, my piece Oh the Humanity has rocketed up the popularity charts, it’s now sitting on page 5 of the most popular of all time. This is a massive effort given that it’s only been out for a couple of weeks.. my other popular tee, Monster Love , was much more of a slow burner.

I’m so pleased.. a huge thanks to everyone who has bought one. I hope you like the weird little fudge guy

Self marketing - the lazy way

I’m not sure that it will have any kind of effect on my viewing numbers, and certainly i can’t see it having any kind of effect on sales, but I’ve set up a page on facebook meaning people can now become a fan of me.


So i guess if you’re on facebook, like what i do and feel like giving my ego a bit of a boost you can add yourself as a fan of me :)

If anyone else wants to make pages for themselves and they aren’t sure how please ask.

Critique of Erica van Manen's "Alone With A Rose"

Erica van Manen posted up her great photo Alone With A Rose for critique in the Critique Forum, and she’s kindly given me permission to publish my response here.…

Agree or disagree I hope you’ll head over to the forum and drop in your own comments and feedback.

Hi Erica,

I do like this shot. The eyes are compelling, they really pull you in, and the colour is consistent and well-considered. However there’s two ways I find myself trying to interpret this photo, and each would be an effective shot, although they can’t really coexist.

The first is that this is a glamour shot. Your lighting is really good for this – it’s a nice warm tone that really compliments the skin. The eyes are just fantastic – your housemate should be proud of her beautiful eyes. The hair frames the face nicely, and the

Patrick's Adventures

I sent my sister in the UK a toy of Patrick, the ghost seen on the monster love tee. Turns out Patrick is quite the traveler.. you can see his adventures here

I’m looking forward to seeing where he goes next :D

He’s too little to drink!

Taking it easy in the hotel room

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