Damien Mason

Kangaroo Flat, Australia

I am a web designer, flash developer and illustrator. I live in Bendigo with my lovely wife Cheryl and out little kids Oscar and Lily and...


I’m working on a series of pieces trying to capture feelings and events experienced in dreams. You can see the first couple here with Flying and Drowning

I’m currently working on a running one with the character trying to escape from the formless dark behind them.. if anyone’s ever been chased in a dream they’ll know the sort of feeling i’m talking about. Not a happy dream, unfortunately.. I know the Flying dream is quite a bit more popular than the dark drowning dream.

I’m just wondering if anyone here has any suggestions for what might be some more good topics.. any reoccuring dreams they think might translate well into a picture. I want to get a variety of emotions in there, but all I seem to be thinking of a kind of dark and scary.. and it would be nice to have something pleasant as well :)

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