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Help with kids books

Hey all,

I submitted some illustrations to publishers, and got my first PFO reply today (for those who don’t know what that is, the P stands for “please” and the O stands for “off”). Amoung other recommendations, they suggested I could write a children’s book and illustrate it to show examples of my work.

I’m not a writer, so I’ve got a better idea. What I’m after is for people to contribute a single page of a fictional kids book for me to illustrate. It can be as open (“And that’s why you shouldn’t eat cheese for breakfast”) or as specific (“So Glenn rode the elephant and led the 15 surly monkeys to safety through the jungle”) as you would like. I can then illustrate it and put it in my portfolio.. and probably put it up here as well, since that’s what i do with everything anyway ;)

Is anyone willing to help me out? I can’t really offer you anything except my eternal gratitude and a link back to your site if I use the writing. Add any sentences or paragraphs in the comments here.

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