Damien Mason

Kangaroo Flat, Australia

I am a web designer, flash developer and illustrator. I live in Bendigo with my lovely wife Cheryl and out little kids Oscar and Lily and...


Art and kids

Do you have small humans demanding your time? Do you somehow still manage to create new and wonderful visual delights?

I’d love to know your secret.

I’ve posted over here asking for advice.. can you help? Feel free to comment directly here if that’s easier.

Indie Comics

Hey guys, I’ve started a topic on the forums over here about independant comics and comic creators.. I hope you’ll head on over and drop in some thoughts.

Mainly I’m hoping to get some links to the awesome work you’re all doing :)


I’ve been playing with watercolours for quite some time now. I’ve learned a lot, which I hope comparing my first one to my most recent one will attest.…

I’m still enjoying that, but I’d like to try something new. The next thing I’d like to look at is ink.. specifically ink washes and the like.

Anyone have any advice for what brands or types of ink I should look at.. and any techniques to try out? Does it work like watercolour, with gradually building up shadows and using the white of the paper for highlights? Are textures defined by the roughness of the paper? Can you draw over the top of the ink, or is it like watercolours where light pencils wont show up? Anything else you might care to share?

Thanks everyone :)

Oh, as a P.S. that Ghost Rider watercolour is being auctioned off, wit


I’ve been trying to improve my anatomical drawing recently (let’s face it, we’re all always trying to improve something) and I’ve come to the realisation that I can’t draw feet for shit. I think I’ve gotten into a lazy habit of just chucking down a blob with five little blobs on it and thinking it’ll do.. but in fact feet are tricky little bastards. They have all manner of weird curves and humps and other crap that you can only see from certain angles, and without a collection of photos of feet from every possible angle it’s really difficult to visualise how to draw them.

So.. does anyone have any advice or maybe a huge resource of feet photos they care to share with me? How do you guys tackle this fun little body part?

Meet little Lily!

For those of you who have been wondering why I have been so quiet these last two weeks, allow me to introduce Lily Sofia! She was born on the 29th of August and looks just like her Mum :) Big brother Oscar is still a little unsure, but he’s warming to her.

Nearly time for a new babby

Those of you who aren’t my friend on facebook (or haven’t been online on the very occasional times I’ve mentioned it) might not know that my wife and I are expecting our second baby soon. Very soon, in fact. Two weeks.

It’s all rather exciting. After taking a few photos this weekend I was looking back through my blog and found the other photo taken around the same 38 week mark with our son, Oscar. The general feel was that this baby was smaller than Os, but it’s nice to see this comparison.

Anyway, I just thought I should share the news for those of you who might be interested :)

Game of Kings

My final piece for the Game of Kings is up now! Check it out here

I had a fair bit of trouble with this until I decided to move a bit further away from Thickblackoutline’s original design (which you can see here ) .. I love TBO’s work, but I had to put my own spin on it.

Tara McPherson was a big inspiration for this.. I kept going back to these three images whenever I started to lose my way. Obviously I’m no Tara, but it did help me get basic ideas for the girl.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. I’d love to hear what you guys think of it.

Killeroo Pinup

Click for bigger

I’ve just finished a Killeroo pinup for Darren Close. I thought I’d post it here as a journal entry rather than uploading the work to Redbubble. I recommend checking out Killeroo (if you can find it) and otherwise bugging Darren on twitter (@killeroo) to get off his arse and release the next book ;)

I’m fairly confident the Japanese says “Kiraruu” in katakana.. the characters used for writing foreign words. I might have to double check that with a Japanese friend :)

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