Recent Fiction

Demands (Flash Fiction)

They came when the sun dropped away. Swarms of them, massing in the back yard and taking over my world.

Still Breathing

As he awoke the darkness remained.

Without Evidence – A Siamet Tale

‘Fight well, and may you survive to the dawn,’ the barman said with a nod.

Far From Home (A Katarr Kanticles Story)

She relaxed and the man blew more powder into her face, inducing a drugged sleep. Her mouth sagged open to reveal savage fangs, and Sniper …

Cold Target

They were all expendable, but that did not mean they were suicidal, and the longer they stayed in the open the greater their losses. Reachi…

Dealing With Sprites (Spirit Walks Part 4. Flash …

‘Are you a good witch, or a bad witch,’ the winged sprites jeered, pressing in around Sama.

Contagion (Flash Fiction March Challenge)

When the virus first rolled through town, no-one even noticed. They worked out in hindsight that it must’ve come through a month before the…

Gargantuan sea monsters I have loved (Review)

Giant beasts lurking out of sight in the depths capture the imagination. Partly because there is the very real possibility that unknown cre…

Fairy Favours (Flash Fiction)

An odd flower found in the woods; strange fairy-touched events follow…

The War in Heaven (Story)

‘Welcome to the presence of God,’ the voice boomed, and the scientist trembled quietly to himself. He hated these visits.

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the dark… I wish I was…


He knew he was in trouble the day he started seeing fairies in the garden.

A Vision from the Ocean

Her voice called to me in the night, musical and haunting; calling from beyond the crash of the surf.

A Mind With Wings (Story)

Andy had been really helpful since he died. At least, Jenny thought he had died; her memory was pretty bad lately.
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