Dark Night by Damian Spirit Walks by Damian Alone in the Dark? by Damian


She saw him come for her. She lay in bed with widening eyes and saw his shape fill the doorway, knife extended.
Shadows and texture by Damian Awaiting the Night by Damian In Her Wake by Damian Who Killed...? by Damian Hard Days by Damian On the Inside; On the Outside by Damian

Tucked Safely Away

My nails bit and I could feel my heart smashing painfully against my chest, while my face felt nothing.

Demands (Flash Fiction)

They came when the sun dropped away. Swarms of them, massing in the back yard and taking over my world.
Spiders! by Damian


She was shrouded in shadow, yet he could see the outline of the sharp object she had brought with her from the kitchen.

The Exuberance of Youth

The kids were coming. The sun hadn’t even set and he could see them filling the street, eager and excited, bouncing at the idea of bags of …

Dead and Dreaming

“They don’t teach about Cthulhu in church, you idiot. It’s secret knowledge.”

Still Breathing

As he awoke the darkness remained.

Without Evidence – A Siamet Tale

‘Fight well, and may you survive to the dawn,’ the barman said with a nod.
Around Any Corner by Damian

Open the Cage

I’m wide awake and dreaming.
Defend the King by Damian

Far From Home (A Katarr Kanticles Story)

She relaxed and the man blew more powder into her face, inducing a drugged sleep. Her mouth sagged open to reveal savage fangs, and Sniper …
Windy Days by Damian Half a Year of my Life by Damian

Cold Target

They were all expendable, but that did not mean they were suicidal, and the longer they stayed in the open the greater their losses. Reachi…
Pisces in the Year of the Tiger by Damian

The Goddess Cybele (Spirit Walks part 10) Conclus…

‘It is the nature of all things to die,’ said the floating Priestess, and the circle of assassins moved closer. / ‘You should enjoy this th…

Scouting the Way Ahead: A Beakface Story

Like a grey missile he whistled down, loving every second of the acceleration, thrilling as the yellow bird rushed up into his vision.

Home Again (Spirit Walks Part 9)

‘Here dwelleth the vampire,’ Sama said, and kissed him on the cheek. ‘See you at sunset.’

The Vampire and the Witch (Spirit Walks Part 8)

Sama was fuming, and tried to speak, but failed. Instead, she slapped the sprite across the face, and the stinging blow knocked him to the …

After the Party (Spirit Walks Part 7. Blood Red)

‘I’ve slept for a whole week?!’ Sama squealed. ‘Why didn’t anyone wake me up?’ / ‘It’s always that way after the Hunt.’

He Needs A Body to Love (Spirit Walks Part 6. Fan…

‘You will need to see our homunculi fabricators,’ he said, and pointed to a cluster of short, green, dragonfly-winged sprites. / Oh shit! S…

Blood Spilt (Spirit Walks Part 5. Monsters Ink)

Both Auberon and Sama unconsciously bent lower, peering at the Ken-doll-smooth crotch of Gabe’s ghost.

Dealing With Sprites (Spirit Walks Part 4. Flash …

‘Are you a good witch, or a bad witch,’ the winged sprites jeered, pressing in around Sama.

The Wild Hunt (Spirit Walks Part 3. Myths & L…

You should stay and mourn your lover. No good will come of returning the dead.

A Call Answered (Spirit Walks Part 2. Ancient Pra…

He is beyond old, she thought; he is as ancient as the land.

The Time of Taurus (Spirit Walks Part 1. Dark Art…

She felt the night tremble at her call, and a strange resistance formed. She called out again, ‘Are there any spirits present?’

Bidding Wars (Hail Fellow comp entry)

Many were itching to place a bid. The threat of a broken knee by Big Mikey stopped the itch more effectively than any powder ever could.

Waking the Giants

I remember thinking, I’ll like having a giant for a friend. He rose from the earth while I was planting sweet corn.
Radiance by Damian We live on a mountain, right at the top. by Damian

Contagion (Flash Fiction March Challenge)

When the virus first rolled through town, no-one even noticed. They worked out in hindsight that it must’ve come through a month before the…

A Deeper Understanding (Story)

Edward took the card, saying, ‘Thank you,’ before realising his language choice and fumbled for the words in Japanese. / ‘Save it,’ said th…

The Bunyip of Boobera

‘There’s something in the water,’ Bill mumbled, speaking through lips that were already swollen, along with the entire side of his face.
Shipwrecked by Damian As pale as the flowers of the night by Damian Squirming and sliding... by Damian

Gargantuan sea monsters I have loved (Review)

Giant beasts lurking out of sight in the depths capture the imagination. Partly because there is the very real possibility that unknown cre…
The Curious Kraken by Damian

The Krakenbanke (Story)

The ship surged abruptly, sending packing crates sliding dangerously. / ’Now what?’ Malone whispered.

Fairy Favours (Flash Fiction)

An odd flower found in the woods; strange fairy-touched events follow…
Lost in the Forest by Damian

The War in Heaven (Story)

‘Welcome to the presence of God,’ the voice boomed, and the scientist trembled quietly to himself. He hated these visits.
Entrails of the Earth by Damian

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the dark… I wish I was…
Intensity by Damian Dancing in the dark by Damian Haunted Waltz by Damian A heart tempered in the forge of war by Damian Elven Respite by Damian Collaboration - Damian and Heather King by Damian God kills indescriminantly, and so shall we. by Damian And the trees watched, and waited... by Damian B&W Beginnings by Damian Maple Beginnings by Damian

Falling through and away (Poem)

Through the depths of the mind / Fall deep within and see / What is there? / Increasing vibrations. / Use them to fall away. / Fall through…
Death Comes Swiftly by Damian Death Comes Swiftly by Damian Shimmering Blue by Damian Shimmering Blue by Damian

You Hold My Heart (story for Cathie Tranent’…

He was meant to be home. She sat and waited; watching the shadows creep towards her.
Malevolent Beauty by Damian The Happy Bear by Damian Smoke and Wire by Damian At least everyone else is happy... by Damian Dark Cherry by Damian The Garden Stalker by Damian

Pale as the flowers of the night (Poem)

Pale as the flowers of the night, / Silent in the dark. / Full of mystery and seduction. / When the harsh glare fades / And the world falls…
Suburban Strike by Damian Creeping Veins by Damian
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