Into the mind of a few ‘In the Moment’ winners

Thousands of RedBubble members now watch the countdown to the ‘In the Moment’ publication release, assuring us that there will be some pushing and shoving to acquire a copy!

Since all of the work to be published has now been revealed, and the faint rumblings about the selections die down, it’s time it was revealed what those selected think.

Not all wish to share, of course, but a number have allowed us access to their thoughts. Rose Moxon (3D art), Alice McMahon White (pastel painting), LittleHelen (writing), Melissa Vowell (writing), bellmusker (writing), and panda65/Paul (writing) are six of the many who will have a work published.

The obvious question is, how are you feeling about being selected?
Rose: “…i think i was in shock for a whole day… then naturally i jumped all over the place and my head exploded…”
Alice: “I can’t tell you how excited I am to be included in this publication. It looks very high quality to me from the previews…”
Helen: “You know something…I can’t believe it…I’m still waiting for someone to turn around and say…’It was a mistake, we picked yours when we shouldn’t have’ :| Hahaha! I am so happy…made my year so far :)”
Melissa: “I was completely surprised when I found out I had a spot. I got some messages on Facebook from some RedBubble people saying “congratulations mel” then came here and had bubblemails congratulating me and the first thing I thought was… what? Am I pregnant? Because I was sure if that was the case I’d have known! But alas, I had landed a spot in ITM and I was and still am… pretty much ecstatic.”
Bell: “…well, I was pretty bloody thrilled, of course! Didn’t quite believe it, had to read through everything a few times to make sure. I’ve recently had other stories accepted for publication, and so am experiencing the utter delight and bliss that comes from seeing your ambitions realised.”
Paul: “It’s a great boost, an encouragement to keep going. …As a Panda on the edge of town, skirting the overlooking hillsides, I wasn’t expecting to suddenly transpire in the middle of the publication!”

What do you think of your company?
Rose: “I agree its an interesting mix.”
Alice: “I’m in excellent company as well…I found some really great new artists on the bubble looking at the finalists, might not have found them otherwise…”
Helen: “Awesome company! Some I know, others I don’t. I am so happy for them. These artists and writers have put their hearts and souls into their pieces…and have been rewarded. There is nothing better :)”
Melissa: “I love the mix of writing and images I think everything selected is really well deserving of being included and the different mix makes it interesting! I’m happy as anything to be included in something alongside people with so much talent.”
Bell: “I’m honoured to be included amongst such wonderful artists. Definitely time for champagne!!”
Paul: “I think the other inclusions are excellent, and I’m very proud to be among them. I understand why some people say the theme is a puzzle, but to me that’s the whole point. It’s a stimulus, and I tried to give my take on it.”

What are your favourites of the winners?
Rose: “…i think my favourite written work is He Comes Slowly by StacyLee. Favourite picture is Cello by johdie… wow what a talent.”
Alice: “I only found out I was in the book a couple of hours ago, so will peruse the writing at length later. One favorite painting is “Cello”, amazing work! And the photo of the baby by Philip, just great, brings back memories of my own kids “In the Moment”!”
Helen: “The Hissing of the Hungry-bellmusker in written
And ‘Contemplating the Carnage’-leepee in visual”
Melissa: “My favourite writing piece is of course “Anger Is An Energy” by Sherriff. I love everything he writes. He made me want to write again. He rips open my chest, extracts my heart and places it on the table in front of me and lets me watch it beat, so much do I get from his words. My favourite image is “I Left Before She Woke” by Michael Alesich. I love the mood surrounding and it’s almost as if I can feel the emotions of the characters…”
Bell: “On the writing front, I’ve long been a fan of Jessica Tremp, Sherriff, Melissa Vowell and Pauldrobertson, so their being included didn’t surprise me at all. But going through the other writing, I was impressed by “Melancholia….” by clarity. It’s so lovely and fresh, a really engaging style and turn of phrase. I wanted to read more.
I have absolutely no photographic expertise, I’m afraid, but that said, several pieces drew me in immediately. “Orsay Windows” by SRaphael is just gorgeous; I can’t stop looking at it. Also, I’m a huge fan of Flamejob, have been ever since I joined this site almost a year ago, and his “Greeves St” fascinates me, constantly drawing me in, making me wonder what kind of stories lurk beneath the surface.”
Paul: “My overall favourite has to be the Geneva Lake Divers – the tumbling boys look like thoughts or memories of the figure in the foreground. The light and colours are also interesting – we know that blue skies and diving mean heat, but blue also looks cold. With the prompt of the splashes on the near figure’s back we get the perfect sense of an outdoor swimming pool in a temperate climate – hot and cold together. It was a worthy winner.
From the writing I particularly liked Kansas, 1934, and A Glimpse. In the former, the images are well chosen and there’s a considered, literate sense to it. It’s sort of elegantly phrased and structured. As to the latter, the rhythm works well, tying it together, and it’s tightly written. As a result, we have a picture of a (more or less) chaotic situation but with a sense of a focused consciousness in the midst of it.”

The complete list of works to be published can be seen here. And the works of the six interviewed here can be found below-


Thanks Rose, Helen, Alice, Melissa, Bell and Paul for your thoughts. Congratulations on your win, and I hope 2008 continues to provide success for you all!

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