Guidelines for the short story group, Spherical Scriptings

Welcome to Spherical Scriptings, a group dedicated to short stories.

What can you add?
More groups will come in the future, so can you save your flash fiction, non-fiction/essays, multi-part stories, memoirs, novellas (hehe) for their future groups. Poetry already has its own dedicated group here

What is the point?
This group is a home for short stories and their creators. Take us on a journey – explore dark depths, or leave us laughing in delight. All genres of fiction welcome. Participate! Write! Throw out a challenge; ask for advice. How do you generate ideas? What’s the best tip you’ve received?

Constructive Criticism
Different readers will spot things you’ve missed. Do you want to know about it? If you would like helpful suggestions, clearly say so, or you probably won’t get any.
If you spot something and would like to make a suggestion, remember the ‘play nice’ rule.

Instructions to add an item to a group

  1. Go into your ‘mybubble’ section.
  2. click ‘writing’
  3. Find the piece you want to add, and hit ‘edit’
  4. Now, right down the bottom will be tick boxes for the groups you’re in, click the group you want to add it to
  5. Save changes, and you’re done!

Journal Comments

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