The Spirit Walks Winners

After a week of public voting, the winners of the Spirit Walks multi-group challenge are now finalised.

The writing winner is Alison Pearce with The Last Leaves of Autumn, which was the group finalist of In The Beginning – Ancient Practices

The writing runner-up is Miri with Schoolgirl Error, which was the group finalist of Short Stories – Spherical Scriptings

The image winner is Angela Barnett with Samhain Goddess : The Crone, which was the group finalist of Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales

The image runner-up is GoofyFoot with Remorseless Appetite, which was the group finalist of The Art of 3D

Both winners, Alison Pearce and Angela Barnett, have won a $20 RedBubble voucher.
Both runner-ups, Miri and GoofyFoot, have won a copy of the In the Moment publication.

You can see all of the finalists here.

Thanks to the hosts of the ten groups that took part in this challenge, and thanks to all of the group members for participating! Hopefully we can do another multi-group challenge in the future.

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