*Spirit Walks Challenge - A Multi-Group Experience!*

Spirit Walks Challenge

Ten groups have come together in a challenge to welcome All Hallow’s Eve/Samhain/Halloween, the beginning of winter, for the southern hemisphere.

The participating groups are Practising the Dark Arts; Blood Red – All things vampiric; Monsters Ink; THE PHANTASMAGORICAL; Short stories – Spherical Scriptings; 1 In The Beginning – Ancient Practices; Fantasy Art; The Art of 3D; Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales and Flash Fiction.

Background and Inspiration
All Hallow’s Eve is the day when the worlds merge, that of Spirit and flesh, where the veils are at their thinnest, and the Ancestors can freely roam between the two membranes of time and existence. We can communicate more clearly with them, communing together in dreams and shadows.
Samhain corresponds to the Wisdom Cycle of life, the Winter Deities, and thus ensures that our communing with the Ancestors is clear and well grounded.
Samhain is when the Wild Hunt emerges from Faerie to roam the winter countryside. Mortals getting in the path of the Hunt could be kidnapped and brought to the land of the dead.

How to be a part of it
Create an image and/or written work that captures the essence of an aspect of the above information.
Add your work to the appropriate group, and paste a link to it in the forum topic in that group, so the host knows it’s an entry! (Allow for different host timezones please, some hosts may still be asleep while other groups have already launched).
The challenge is open to the whole world, not just people in the southern hemisphere :)

How it will work
Enter your work to the challenge as above.
Your hosts will judge a winning image and written work for the group.
The group winners will then be open to a public vote to pick the overall winners across all ten groups!

Entries close midnight (your time) April 28th.
Group winners will be announced April 30th, and public voting will run for a week (voting details will be provided at that time) to decide the overall winning image and written work (and winning group!)

Prizes. There is AUS$20 for the overall image winner, and AUS$20 for the overall writing winner.

Written works up to 1000 words.

This challenge is in the spirit of fun and group interaction, and is not about determining if one group is better than another :)

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