Alternate laws that Murphy missed...

You will always find something in the last place you look! (Why don’t we go there first?)…

In order to get a loan, you must prove that you don’t need it in the first place! (so why bother?)

The “Golden Rule”… whoever has the gold makes the rules! (Please give me some G-O-L-D)

A shortcut is the longest distance between two points! (So why bother in the first place?… just go with the flow!)

Build a system that even a fool can use, and only a fool will use it! (Surely, I’m in for it!)

Leakproof seals… will! (What about sea lions? Will they leak too?)

The other line always moves faster! (So jump on and then it will change to the other! mmm!!!)

When a broken appliance is demonstrated for the repairman, it will work perfectly! (so get him to sneek up from behind!)

Self starters… won’t! (So why

300 uploads and more to come!!!

Well… Like it or lump it!!!… Love it or hate it!!!… I now have 300 uploads of my photos and “art” works onto my “bubble”!!!…

But, who’s counting… and … who really cares anyway? LOL

30K and more!!!

Justy logged on for the day and found that I have had just a touch over 30,000 hits on “my Bubble”!!!

WOW… and a sincere thanyou to all of you who have visited my site, added comments or favourited them.

Some very interesting and different artwork...

Pay a visit to kaeabella’s bubble and I am sure many will be surprised by the style and mediums used in her artwork…

I am quite staggered that there has only been one comment before mine this morning… If you feel it is appropriate, add a comment or add her works to your favorites.

Feel free to add any comments here too if you wish.

A year and a day ago!!!

I was just adding a few “thankyous” to one of my shots and realised that it was taken “a year and a day ago” today… the 18th May 2008!

Thanks to everyone who has paid a vist, and/or commented and/or faved the shot…

Click here to see the shot I am talking about…

Any "Bubblemaniac" in Melbourne game enough to put up with my "ugly face" for a night???

Hello to all the Melbournian bubblemaniacs!!!…

I am attending a conference in Melbourne for two days in the week after Easter and wonder if anyone is ready, WILLING and ABLE to put up with my ugly face on Thursday night the 27th March…

I would love to catch up with a “bubbler” or two to run around the city with our cameras Thursday evening and for an indeterminate time until early arvo on Friday… I do have accomodation out at West Brunswick with some family friends but they are old, and am not too sure if they would put up with me coming in too late after being out and about taking photos with other “bubblemaniacs”. By the way, I am not being nasty about them being old!!!

All I need would be a bed to sleep in/on as I am expecting to buy a basic and quick meal Thursday night so as not to i

$19,990... drive away!!!

I am counting down now… Just hit 19,990 visits to “my bubble”… Who will hit 20k???

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment on my photos over the past year or so since I jumped on the “bubblewagon”!!! LOL

What a stand out!!! An absolute must see time and time again... the accolades keep on coming!!!

I guess many of those who know me and my works (and somewhat wierd wierd work at that!!!) may well have seen this absolutely WONDERFUL shot before…

You and I seem to have some similiar taste and are “bubblemanics” like me, but go and have a look at this shot titled Monkey Day Spa by Robert Mullner.

If you have already seen it, go again and you will be staggered at the sheer number of well deserved comments that Robert has received.

If you haven’t seen it… DO SO… you will not be disapppointed!

A few meetings with a famous person... or, my brush with fame!!!

A piece of work on the “bubble” by Helen Simpson inspired me to add a journal entry to link other “bubblers” to her wonderful pano taken in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.…

I made comment that I would endeavour to send a link of this to Sir David Attenborough as I know from several discussions with him that he loves the Flinders Ranges.

A comment by Steven Sander prompted me to add an entry about meeting that amazing man.

I thought a few others on the “bubble” might like to hear a little about these meetings and discussions so, here I go with a verbatim transplanting of the entry I made…

Steven asked… WOW! you know David Attenborough?!

and I responded with the following…

Yes, but unfortunately, only very casually!!!

When he was in Adelaide many years ago to promote the book “Life o

For those who have (and have not) been there... this is a wonderful shot...

One of my favourite parts of the world (well, my little bit of it anyway!!!) is the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. This is one spectacular shot that you must see. I am absolutely certain you won’t be disappointed!

I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet David Attenborough on six or seven occassions and stood and talked with him for around 45 minutes one time many years ago. He absolutely loves the Flinders Ranges and I am going to try and forward a link of this image to him.

I'm stunned... 17,004 views!!!

Thanks to everyone who has paid a visit to “My Bubble” to take me over the 17,000 hits… now I’m counting down (no… up actually!!!) to 20,000 which I guess isn’t to far away!

Thanks again!

Another BUBBLER to visit... some wonderful work with colour!

Hi to my fellow “bubblemaniacs”… LOL

Here is another “bubbler” who I recommend you pay a visit to… talbright

There are some wonderfully simple but beautiful works with colour! There is also a link to her huge range of work on flickr on her “bubble”! In particular, this link to her colour fields brings to light some more stunningly simple work with colour.

Please feel free to add your own comments once you have paid a visit to her works!



Wow!!! 4000 views of my Journals!!!

I just discovered that there have been 4000 visits to my journal entries!!! Thanks to everyone who has paid a visit and/or left a message…

Add that to the 15475 views on my “artistic” entries, I am approaching 20,000 in total!


Another amazing bubbler..."Shepy"... pay a visit!!!

The work of shepy is an amazing photographic collection of old and abandoned buildings in the UK and he is a MUST SEE member of the “bubble”…

I am certain you will be impressed by his very different compositions taken in buildings with interesting history.

I would be please to see some feedback from fellow “bubblemaniacs” once you visit his site.

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