A question out of left field about music...

Has anyone in bubbleland heard of Loreena McKennitt? I absolutely love her work that has evolved beautifully over the last 15 years or so… for those who know her music, what are your favourite pieces or albumns?

For those who haven’t heard of her, visit her site at quinlanroad and I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you wish to hear a little more, type her name into to see a number of her performances or visit a CD store for a test run.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Have you seen the work of Buddy Sears...

I have been absolutely stunned by the work of Buddy Sears and his team.

It is worth having a look at his studio shot first of all, where he pays tribute to those around him that support him in his work

I am blown away with the egyptian sunrise series and it’s associated shot of it hanging on a wall .

Have a good look around his portfolio. I am certain those who have not looked closely at his “bubble” will not be disappointed!

YEAH... My first SALE.... (-: ... and a FRAMED PRINT AT THAT.... WOW!!!

Whoever it was that purchased a framed print of Cat trilogy from my “Bubble” a short while ago I say a very heartfelt THANKYOU… you have made my day well and truly… This is my first sale!!!

I hope you realy enjoy it on the wall and that it gets many comments from your friends and family… I would really love to know who you are… please feel free to add to this journal entry or send me a “bubblemail” if you don’t want everyone to know…Thank you so much once again.


Craig Watson

The few days are long gone... and a question for redbubble!!! What about a screen saver???

I have been back for a long time after “being away for a few days” as mentioned in my last entry… Have been visiting the site many times… sometimes several times a day!!!

I have added a photo or two, but have been pretty inactive on that front or with these journal entries…

However, I have been adding quite a few comments to many of the fantastic shots that are appearing on RB… keep up the good work everyone.

I have a question for RB… have you thought of having a marketable “screen saver” that people can purchase with the option to included selected images… $X for 10 images of choice, $Y for 25 images of choice $Z for 75 etc.

Just a thought that offers a wide opportunity for each of us to have the sale of some of our images… what do you and other redbubblers think of this idea!!!

Away for a few days...

I will be away for a few days and will not be able to visit the site or upload anything so those of you who have added me to their watchlist, I will do some more uploads next week.

I am catching up with a few fellow redbubblers (and also some from flickr) for a session in the Adelaide Hills over the weekend. I’m looking forward to meeting them and taking (hopefully) some great shots (and learning some great ideas too!)

Fellow Adelaidians and South Australians...

Hello to all RB participants in Adelaide and South Australia……

I have only been on the RB site for a month or so and have been interested in it ever since…

I know there are several other RB participants from Adelaide and elsewhere in SA and suggest we organise a catch up some time to have a chat, compare notes, ideas, experiences etc.

How about a photo taking journey around the streets and/or parklands of Adelaide and a gathering at some cafe or pub afterwards???

I am 240 kms away from Adelaide near Yorketown on the Yorke Peninsula, but my wife and I travel to Adelaide every month or so… I look forward to the opportunity to catch up sometime!!!…

What do you think???

If any of you wish to contact me outside of the RB option, my email address is and I look forward

Putting words together in the "Tags" line on submission...

Just a tip…

If you want to have two or more words together in the “tags” area you can use the “underscore” between the words…

For example if you want “harbour views” to appear as a "single entry rather than being split as “harbour” and “views” you type… “harbour_views” rather than “harbourviews”.

If you type… “harbour views harbour_views” you will end up with three entries as “harbour” “harbour_views” and “views” to accompany your entry…

Now… I hope I haven’t been too confusing!!!

Over 400 pages... wow!

Only 11 days ago I said we were approaching the 300th page on the RB site…it is now over 400…

Obviously the word is spreading… and spreading well from what is appearing on the site.

Keep up the good work everybody.

Has anyone seen the works of Jann Arthus-Bertrand...

Hi everyone……

I just paid a visit (another one) to the pages of Ronald Rockman on RB (you must all go and have a look!!!)

His aerial photography reminds me of the works by the world renowned photographer Jann Arthus-Bertrand His book titled “The Earth From The Air” is an absolute “must see” compilation of unbelievable photos and incredible commentary.

See if your local Library has a copy… you WILL NOT be disappointed! I have my own copy which was not cheap… but frequently revisit the book and am in awe every time.

It is book that is bigger than many atlases and has around 150 double page spreads that are awesome and many single page photos… over 190 in all.

The ISBN no of the book is 0-500-01955-X. Do not pass up the opportunity to see this book.

His website is also worth visiting… it is

BEWARE of...

Hi every one,…

If you ever see a link to a website titled “”, do not even think of going there… it is a scheme to take your dollars that is absolutely unacceptable. If memory serves me correctly, I saw the link on website.

I do not know how or if anything can be done about this so called “business” of sorts… the site more information about their covert practices.

No doubt, there are many sites on the net that are similar… it just means that we must all be very cautious.

I pass on my gratitude to Mark Snelson and Anne van Alkemade for their feedback… and in time too… I was planing to respond to their “invitation” to provide my “profile” and to buy the book “Endless Journeys” in the coming week. It has sa

Pleasantly Surprised...

Hi everyone……

I am very pleased to see a number of fellow “redbubbleists” commenting about my photos and adding some to their favourites or adding me to their watch list… many have very similar favourites and styles… and others with some vast differences.

I have added many others to my watchlist and favourites… they keep growing!

It continues to stagger me how fast the number of participants is increasing and the variation in style and some similarities of the works on view. We are no doubt all learning from each other in same way, shape or form.

Keep up the great work everyone…



PS I have just recieved a letter from “The International Library of Photography” ( stating that the photo I submitted in their recent competition has been “shortlsted” in the finals

The snowball is getting bigger... and better!!!

I have been on this site for less than a month, and the number of submitted digital images has almost doubled… staggering how the news travels and the word spreads.

I have been continually impressed by the enormous variety of works that appear. Keep up the good work everybody.

Just stumbled across the website... very impressed!!!

I came across this website with a link from a website… can’t remember which one!…

Absolutely impressed with the incredible range of photos in all areas… particularly the ones with a focus on weather, sunsets and landscapes.

I have just recently aquired a digital camera in the midrange of things (a Kodak Z650) but still have a classic Ricoh XR2 film camera which has been in my hands since the late 70’s. It is still going strong after being up & down cliffs, in & out of caves, out on the water in boats and in backpacks on walks & hiking jouneys.

I look forward to the day I can purchase a realy good SLR digital camera with interchangeable lense… one of these days in the not t-o-o-o-o distant future I hope.

I will leave it at that with my first few images… one a scanned image of a “cat’s eye”

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait