Fellow Adelaidians and South Australians...

Hello to all RB participants in Adelaide and South Australia…

I have only been on the RB site for a month or so and have been interested in it ever since…

I know there are several other RB participants from Adelaide and elsewhere in SA and suggest we organise a catch up some time to have a chat, compare notes, ideas, experiences etc.

How about a photo taking journey around the streets and/or parklands of Adelaide and a gathering at some cafe or pub afterwards???

I am 240 kms away from Adelaide near Yorketown on the Yorke Peninsula, but my wife and I travel to Adelaide every month or so… I look forward to the opportunity to catch up sometime!!!…

What do you think???

If any of you wish to contact me outside of the RB option, my email address is dalrymple.downs@bigpond.com and I look forward to hearing your feedback soon.

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