BEWARE of...

Hi every one,

If you ever see a link to a website titled “”, do not even think of going there… it is a scheme to take your dollars that is absolutely unacceptable. If memory serves me correctly, I saw the link on website.

I do not know how or if anything can be done about this so called “business” of sorts… the site more information about their covert practices.

No doubt, there are many sites on the net that are similar… it just means that we must all be very cautious.

I pass on my gratitude to Mark Snelson and Anne van Alkemade for their feedback… and in time too… I was planing to respond to their “invitation” to provide my “profile” and to buy the book “Endless Journeys” in the coming week. It has saved me over $100 dollars.

I guess it puts some strength behind the old phrase “let the buyer beware!”.
Thanks again to Mark and Anne,

Craig Watson

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