Pleasantly Surprised...

Hi everyone…

I am very pleased to see a number of fellow “redbubbleists” commenting about my photos and adding some to their favourites or adding me to their watch list… many have very similar favourites and styles… and others with some vast differences.

I have added many others to my watchlist and favourites… they keep growing!

It continues to stagger me how fast the number of participants is increasing and the variation in style and some similarities of the works on view. We are no doubt all learning from each other in same way, shape or form.

Keep up the great work everyone…



PS I have just recieved a letter from “The International Library of Photography” ( stating that the photo I submitted in their recent competition has been “shortlsted” in the finals AND… has been added to their forthcoming publication “Endless Journeys”… WOW!!! I will let you all know if I am sucessful in the finals…

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