I need help, advice please.

Please help. I am still so new at all this. I work in the music industry for my full time job. This has gotten me a connection with a gentlemen who manages artists. I have shot two of his artists this far and he is interested in bringing me more work. He stated that he could bring me a lot more work if there was something in it for him. I guess I am not sure of industry standards. I want to be fair but I also don’t want to be taken advantage of. I am not looking for him to go and look for work for him but more just referrals if it comes up. For that I offered him a 10% finders fee. I felt that this was reasonable and am very interested in other people’s thoughts and experience. He is not just a business associate but a friend. When I suggested 10% he stated that he wanted time to process and would let me know if that was ok. I guess I feel like I am doing him a favor, I don’t have to give him a finders fee but I also want to show appreciation. uggghhh… could someone please shed some light on the subject. Thank you.

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