I am soooo nervous, excited but nervous!

This weekend I am doing a photo shoot of a musical artist. She is actually one of the girls in the performance series, Sarah. Complete sweet heart. Very laid back. However, this shoot they want to get the cover shot for her CD, actually they want to get all the shots for her CD. The pressure is on and it’s all up to me!!!! AHHHHH! I am excited but I am scared… what if they don’t like the pictures, what if I drop my camera and it breaks, what if I forget to change my settings and I screw them all up? I am being a little dramatic but I am just trying to paint a picture for all of you of how nervous I am? Anyone else get this nervous for a shoot even after you have been doing photography for awhile? I know that once I get there and we get started that I will get in a zone and it will just flow. :) Whew…. just had to get that all of my chest, thanks for hanging in there with me. good night.

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