She stepped out of the hotel door and into the July sunlight, smiling at the man holding the door as she passed him.

She had arrived in Vancouver earlier that morning from Melbourne, and even though it had been a 14 hour flight, she was not tired – and she wanted to stretch her legs with a walk from the Fairmont down to the pier and Vancouver waterfront.

She moved briskly enjoying the sails of Canada Place Way which reminded her of the Sydney Opera House in some ways, and the façade of the various buildings along the way; the aroma of coffee filled her senses as vendors served late breakfasts to workers heading for their respective offices.

As she reached the crosswalk – she looked up and saw the street sign ‘Granville Street’ and remembered the Canadian artist whose work she had looked at online prior to leaving Australia – and a gallery on Granville Island under the Granville Street Bridge which had some of her paintings on display.

Changing direction and turning instead onto Granville Street she walked for about 15 minutes, finally coming to a sign that indicated she was facing the South shore of False Creek and that Granville Island was close by. She followed the directions and soon found herself in a thriving entertainment and shopping centre with a vibrant market central to the Island’s activities.

Even though it was only mid morning, the shopping centre and produce market were very busy.

She stopped for an espresso at an outdoor café and sat for a while watching the morning’s activities as people came and went through the centre. As she looked around she could see that the centre was a mixture of new and old, perhaps a rundown old industrial area originally which had been reclaimed over time, but had now been transformed into a thriving centre on the South shore of False Creek in the middle of Vancouver.

She moved on after the coffee and came to the Gallery she was interested in, going inside to take a look around. The First Nation artwork of Canada had always fascinated her and she took some time to look at the display related to this artist that Canada so revered, and which captured so much of the early days of the Pacific West Coast of Canada.

She became conscious of someone looking at her from across the gallery as she moved away to one of the other display areas. He followed her slowly and was interested and pleased to see her enjoying the display of First Nation art work in the gallery – he had followed her into the Gallery from the marketplace, and he wanted to get closer as he had thought for a moment she was someone he already knew.

She was a redhead with a fair complexion, about 5’ 3” tall, quite small and slender and looked healthy and fit. He had communicated with a woman in Australia several months before – but the friendship had ended when he felt she had become emotionally involved with him – and he had simply stopped communicating or answering her emails – until they stopped coming altogether.

But he had never forgotten her, and she had crossed his mind so many times as he remembered their email conversations and telephone calls back and forth, and he had missed her very much over the past months – missed her more than he ever thought he would. He missed the sound of her voice, and her humor, and knew she was an intelligent and smart woman.

He had found her intoxicating and very sensual and passionate, and her active and fertile imagination was something he often marveled at, and always thoroughly enjoyed – and he found he missed everything about her.

Since then he had looked at the faces of many redheads in passing thinking it might just be her face he saw – but he also knew in reality she was a continent away, and the faces he looked at, had never been that of the woman he remembered so vividly.

He knew her travel plans well as they had often talked of her trip to Canada and Alaska – and they had really hoped he might be able to travel with her to Alaska and join in on her adventure at the wilderness lodge if only for a few days – but once the communication stopped, it had all disappeared as a possibility.

So, he knew that today was the day she was to arrive in Vancouver, and she would be staying at the Waterfront for a couple of days until she left for Alaska and the wilderness adventure with the Kodiak Bears and Whales and the Salmon fishing she had so looked forward to.

He walked across the gallery and turned into the display area he had seen her move to, and as she stood contemplating a painting, he moved to her side.

She felt the movement of someone beside her, and she looked up into the handsome face and intensely blue eyes that she had known many months before – and which she had fallen just a little in love with – ultimately driving him away.

He looked into the clear green eyes of this lovely redheaded woman who he had thought of so often, and who he had missed having in his life. Yes, this was how he had imagined her – small and almost delicate, an attractive and interesting face – with intelligence and humor showing in her eyes.

She smiled up at him – and without a word, he leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Her lips were very slightly open, and what started as a light kiss intensified so they kissed deeply and passionately – her hands coming up around his neck and her fingers reaching into his hair as he pulled her closely to him. The kiss was one of deep longing and spoke of how much they had missed each other over the many months where there had not been any communication between them.

She had missed him intensely and it had taken her a long time to resign herself to the fact that they would probably never meet or talk again. Her feelings had not diminished for him – but she had simply accepted in time the fact that he had disappeared from her life forever, and she would never really know why or what had really been the cause.

Now, with their arms around each other they hugged and looked into the face of the other – enjoying the fact they were together for the first time – and they smiled and laughed, so happy to finally meet.

Over coffee in the marketplace they talked endlessly of each others’ activities and pursuits in the previous months – glad to be together on this sunny Vancouver day; together after such a long and painful period of silence between them.

He hailed a cab, and they travelled back to the Fairmont together.

Once there, they took the elevator to her floor and walked to her room where she handed him the card to open the room door. He did so, and once inside the room ordered some champagne to celebrate her arrival in Vancouver, and also for him to silently celebrate the fact that she was again back in his life, and this time he knew he would never let her go.

They enjoyed the cold champagne and talked more about her trip and what her plans were for the few days she was to spend in Vancouver before leaving for Seal Bay in the Kodiak Islands. She had plenty of things in her head she wanted to do and see, and she hoped he would be part of those few days before she left again.

When the champagne was finished he stood as though to leave her, and as she stood up, he pulled her closely to him and tipped her chin up to him with his fingers trailing along the line of her jaw, and his mouth came down to meet hers. This was a kiss filled with intense passion – and she looked into his eyes and saw them darken with desire for her.

She had never stopped wanting him. Now, her hands undid his tie, pushed his jacket off his shoulders and then unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it out of his pants. She kissed his neck and her lips moved down to his chest and she bit softly on his nipples and licked them. Her fingers had loosened the belt and she then unbuttoned and unzipped him –and her fingers then reached for him and found him already hard. She slid the pants down his legs and he stepped out of them, undoing his shoelaces and kicking off his shoes, leaving him in his underwear.

He turned his attention to her and removed her jacket, then pulling the white T shirt over her head, and putting his hands and then his mouth to her breasts as she was not wearing a bra under the shirt. He licked and sucked on her nipples which were erect, raised his mouth to her neck and kissed her there as well, and then his hands undid her jeans pushing them down her thighs. She stepped out of her shoes, and then the jeans as well – leaving herself in a pair of white lace panties only.

He picked her up in his arms and took her to the bed. Kneeling over her he kissed her along the inside of her thighs and along her soft lower stomach then moving again to her breasts which he sucked and kissed before again taking her mouth in a long sensual kiss which left them both breathless.

He slid the panties down her legs and off. He then stepped out of his underwear. He leaned down to her and moved between her legs – her knees were raised and slightly open and he put two fingers into her and found her so wet and incredibly ready for him. He leaned down and tasted her with his mouth and tongue and she writhed with pleasure and her hips came up to meet him and his sensual loving. As he moved between her legs, she drew him down to her, and with her fingers around him, she guided him into her. He was long and thick, and he pulled her down by the hips to him so he could get even deeper. Her legs came up around his waist. She had her fingers around him, and they reached further and trailed along his ass touching him wherever she could, and loving the feel of him.

He leaned down and kissed her on the mouth and they enjoyed the taste of each other – her perfume soft and so feminine, and he loved the way she felt beneath him, and the way she was so incredibly ready for him.

They moved with a rhythm which was almost familiar to them, and because he was tall and athletic in his build, and she small and slender – they fit together perfectly. Both loved sensuous and passionate love making – and this was exactly as they had wanted and imagined it to be together those months ago.

As the strands of light on the bedroom floor lengthened in the late afternoon, they were oblivious to anything but each other as they moved together in a sexual and sensuous rhythm as they began to reach the climax of their passion. Their breathing had sharpened and they were ready to meet each other in a wonderful mind bending climax, and they cried out softly as they got there together.

They lay in each others’ arms afterwards talking softly of plans for the evening and perhaps the next day which they wanted to spend together.

He didn’t want to lose this woman again – and he planned to take whatever time he could to be with her while she was near. He knew that work would always be there; and there would always be business, but her ……….. No, she wouldn’t always be there, and he had to make sure that he kept her as close as he could for as long as possible.

They had dinner at a seafood restaurant near the hotel and they talked of the few days she would have in Vancouver and planned to spend the time together. He had always had a really bad travel and work schedule, but was determined to free up his time and commitments for the days ahead so he could be with her.

They walked back to the hotel along the bank of False Creek which, with the Moon reflecting across the water adding to their feeling of happiness of being together and they stopped several times along the way to kiss and hold each other closely.

Over the next few days they spent almost all the days and nights in each others’ arms leaving no aspect of lovemaking undiscovered between them and they pleased and took each other to sexual limits they almost got lost in. They talked endlessly when they weren’t making love, laughing at experiences each had had both in business and in life, but they reluctantly knew the next morning would bring her flight to Alaska and take her from him once again.

They spent the night together again wrapped in each others’ arms – sleeping fitfully.

As dawn came and the early light spread across the room, he took her into his arms again. He kissed her neck and breasts, her stomach and the inside of her thighs, his mouth finally reaching her most intimate places where he again used his tongue and fingers to heighten her senses, and she trembled with desire for him. They changed position so that they could enjoy each other more, and she took him into his mouth with her fingers around him and with the other hand tracing between his ass and cock, then holding and stroking his balls. She kissed the inside of his thighs and her fingers and her mouth returned to love him even more, loving the taste of him and the way he felt in her hands. Her teeth grazed across the very tip of him biting just so very lightly, and she licked around the rim and along the shaft kissing softly along a vein which stood so vividly there. Her tongue reaching between his cock and ass, and him shuddering with delight at her touch and the way she loved him there.

They had reached a point where neither could wait much longer and he moved again, and entered her, pulling her down by the hips so he could get deeper. She kept her hands on him and around him and they moved to a rhythm both had begun to know so well of each other. He leaned down and kissed her deeply; he so loved kissing her, and she loved the way he kissed her – deeply, and with such passion. He cupped her breasts and then licked and kissed them – loving the taste of her and the perfume of her.

She reached up to him and pulled his mouth down to hers again – her hand around his neck and in his hair, and across his back and shoulders, loving the feel of him.
They were both beginning to climax – both had reached an exquisite point in their lovemaking and could not wait any longer. As they climaxed together in a powerful orgasm which left them breathless, they were happy but also sad, as they knew they soon had to part once again, at least until she returned to Vancouver in the coming weeks.

They showered together spending more time in each others’ arms and then ordered breakfast as they dressed. She packed her luggage ready for the trip to the airport and after eating fruit and drinking coffee, they went downstairs to check out of the hotel and get to the airport in good time for her flight to Anchorage.

She left him at the gate for her flight finding it almost unbearable to leave him, but preferring to shed any tears in private. She had an hour or so to wait before her flight was to leave, and she settled in a coffee shop thinking back over the past few days of complete happiness they had shared in being together.

The flight was called and she moved to the line of passengers presenting their boarding passes and once on board the aircraft she settled into the window seat all the time wanting to get off and go back to him and never be apart until they had to be. But she steeled herself and didn’t move, knowing she had to go to Alaska and live that part of her dream which was so overdue, and knowing she would be there alone.

As the aircraft engines softly screamed to life and the stewardess began to close the overhead hampers, she felt a movement alongside her and she turned to look into the handsome face and intensely blue eyes of the man she felt so much for.

She was taken by surprise, and he quickly explained he had managed to get time away from his work and commitments, enough at least to come to Seal Bay with her and experience all the things they had talked of so many months before, and which he wanted to share with her.

She leaned against him slightly, her head on his shoulder and his mouth moved to her neck where he kissed her softly.

She knew now they would experience the adventures they had both dreamed about all those months ago, and they would at last be together in the pristine Alaskan wilderness, in a log cabin deep in a forest of spruce, within reach of the sea …..




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