Where to from here??????????

I think society will end up becoming isolated. Why you may ask, well it’s simple. look at the way the younger generation comunicate, it’s all texting on mobile phones, or blogging on the internet, gone are the days of catching up for coffee at a mates house. Another factor that will influnce this era is fear. People are just getting too scared to go anywhere because of terrorism and all the new diseases like bird-flu. The reason why we have so many new diseases and the explosion of asthma is because our kids are so clean. They are not exposed to germs such as playing in the dirt making mud pies. Parents are using anti-bacteria this and antibacteria that so that they are regarded as good parents. With the birth of the internet people can shop at home and have thier groceries delivered and also work at home. working at home will also aleviate the strain on childcare as they can work at home with the kids. So with no reason to leave the house society will become more isolated which will also reduce the carbon emissions as there would be no use for the car. But will it be a better society, I don’t thinks so.

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