Exciting Arrival in the today's mail...

…and I’m not talking about the latest Abba album, either!

Mark German ran a competition which I entered. And to my absolute delight, I won the “Image to be removed” section (oops, does that mean I should learn to be more tactful in future?).

Anyway, the prize was a laminated print of my choice from Mark’s portfolio, so I chose The Mansion which happened to be my absolute favourite of his.

Anyway, it arrived in the mail today, and I just want to share with all of you the exceptional quality of Red Bubble laminated prints – blew me away. I did photograph it and was intedning to upload in the buyers booth, but instead I’ve whisked it away to get framed, and when it arrives, I’ll post it here for you all to see.

The Mansion is going to look so perfect in my lounge room, and if anyone is toying with the idea of buying a laminated print – do it – the quality is fantastic, the detail superb, the laminating flawless.

Thanks again Mark for a great competition and to Red Bubble for speedy first class service.

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