Did I mention to you that I’ve only just started a watchlist of my own – yes all this time on RB and no watchlist. Goodness knows how many images I’ve missed because I wasn’t watching… I have now amended this for several reasons.

1. Last week, I saw the most blilliantest (yes, that’s a word – it means more brilliant than even brilliant) image of a building in Rome. I should have favourited it, I know. I asked several RB’ers in the forum to help me look for it, to no avail. I should have favourited it, and I should have added that artist to a watchlist – but I didn’t. If you know this image, can you find it for me?

2. I’m going to be really busy in the life I lead outside RB, incredible, I know. Obviously an oversight on my part, and I don’t want to miss out on all the fun and games that will go on here while I’m busy. The Real Life will take me away from the bubble until 24th December. I’ll still add the odd image and have a look, but it won’t be with the same level of obsession I have for RB at the moment. I think you all know what I mean…everyone here has the same disease… the withdrawal symptons are showing already, even as I type…

3. I’ve noticed there is a new soapie that’s just started, and if you haven’t read it – You Must – it’s laugh out loud stuff, complete with links to images so that people like me can match the pictures in our head to those in real life. Have you added it to your watchlist? If not, I’ll provide you with links -
It’s written by Andrew Walker and you’ll find the complete set of Soap Bubble episodes here . So, as Molly Meldrum would say, do yourselves a favour and go check it out – you won’t be sorry. In fact, add Andrew to your watchlist so you don’t miss out on the epsidoes – we all need lightness and frivolity in our lives, and the Soap Bubble that in bucketloads!

4. I had no idea just how much fun a watchlist would be, I’m sure I’ll need to add more to my watchlist, but which ones to choose…Hmmm.

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