The four little words

Yesterday, I was sitting, watching my world go by, taking in all its ups and downs. Dangling my legs over the great precipice that is life – because I can be brave like that sometimes. Enjoying all the good things I could see around me, frowning at those things I disapprove of. Still dangling my legs, as a small child would sitting on a swing at the park. Feeling very safe and secure and cocooned in my own little world.

All it took to change this safety, this security, this feeling of well-being were four little words. On their own, the four little words are quite harmless and are used every day by everybody in the world – no matter their language. In fact, you could go to your local shopping plaza and yell the words out – individually of course, and no one would bat an eye. They may think you’re a little strange, but they would go about their business tut-tutting under their breath that another nutter has been let loose for the day.

However, when the four little words are combined in one particular way, the way they were uttered yesterday, it matters not how softly, how gently they are uttered, it is the combination of the four little words that creates a force, a force so powerful that with that one whisper I was pushed off my safe and secure precipice and plunged with such violence into an abyss that I didn’t even know existed. I couldn’t hear if any other words were spoken, I couldn’t see anything around me as I plunged with such velocity and violence away from the world that I now realised I cherished so much.

Every time I play-back these four little words in their most vicious combination in my head, I plunge faster and faster, further and further away from my world. Every time I divert my attention from this combination of four little words, my scary freefall into the nothingness begins to slow and if I try really, really hard, I almost begin to float up and back into my safe and secure world again. A world that won’t ever be the same again, no better or worse, just different, such is the impact of the four little words in their most dangerous combination.

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