Well, I’m still going through with this task of writing about My Favourites and I’ve attached Distant Roads for you to enjoy.

I found Distant Roads a totally mesmerising image, with the framing effect adding to the mystery of the image. I really felt transported back in time, I didn’t know where those 3 men were walking to, where they’d been, or what they were going to find in that heavy fog. It was all so mysterious. I just had to favourite the image, and I always wondered whether the image would reveal more…Then, not long after having favourited the image, I started reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. For the rest of the book, this image of Distant Roads stayed in my mind. Through that thick heavy descending fog, I could see the Clutter homestead and the KBI agents – particularly Al Dewey – being consumed by the Clutter murders in the same way the fog is consuming Distant Roads.

If you haven’t read In Cold Blood, read it and see if you can get Distant Roads our of your head. The book is brilliant, haunting in it’s own right, but coupled with JayCougar’s image, completely mesmerising.

The image of Distant Roads and the book In Cold Blood, for me, will be forever entwined.

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