A Virtual Gallery - What happens when RB Artists inspire each other

Tracy Wallace and Dee Boylan may not know it, but their images are featuring in this virtual gallery out in hyperspace!

Tracy’s image of Clumsy Misfortunes started it all off. Such a special image and reading the comments started me thinking about the story of the little clown girl, which lead me to create All Grown Up, then toward twilight (with tracy’s permission, of course) Then today, I see that another RedBubbler, Dee Boylan has also been inspired to create When I grow up… all from tracy’s original image. All we need now is a writer to write up the story of this little clown girl as she goes through life. hint, hint

And with all this talk of galleries and exhibitions, I was curious to see what all four images would look like side-by-side. All we need now is to imagine the writer reciting the story to the packed audience….

sigh Well, we can dream, can’t we…

gallery space courtesy of: stanford contemporary art centrecentre.shtml

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