MY FAVOURITES - "Japanese Windflowers" by Tiffany Dryburgh

Not all images in “My Favourites” necessarily illicit images or memories from childhood.

“Japanese Windflowers” by Tiffany Dryburgh caught my imagination and everytime I look at this image, the same story unfolds…

Helena is 83 and has lived in her inner city cottage all her life. The cottage, originally a worker’s cottage had been in her family since 1910. She was born in that simple home, as had all her children. Always a happy home, Helena simply delighted in tending the small garden. How times had changed, the neighbours had come and gone, apartment blocks now stood where a lot of the workers’ cottages once stood. But still, Helena maintained her sanctuary. The japanese windflowers were her pride and joy, temperamental things they can be, but this year’s blooms were the finest yet. Helena was looking forward to saturday, that was the day her children would be visiting and wouldn’t they be surprised at the many blooms filling Helena’s garden!

ps. apologies to those who are perhaps expecting great pieces of writing – sorry – I’m definitely not a writer in any way, shape or form, I’m simply unleashing the images I see in my head when I view the favourites I have chosen. I feel very brave in doing this because I don’t know any of you, nor you know me – so it’s safe (except I have a friend or two on here but they probably will see this as my latest fad ; > ).

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