MY FAVOURITES - "Cold Flower" by JayCougar

Cold Flower was the first image I “favourited”, I really liked the image it conveyed whenever I looked at it, and as these first heady weeks of RB have passed and I’ve added more “favourites” it struck me that I’m also curious why people favourite the images they do. So, everytime I favourite an image, I’m going to blog the reasons why I chose the image. I’ve got a backlog to get through, but if it inspired others to buy the images, or to go out and snap more images, then that’s great too. is where I saw Jay’s image of Cold Flower.

So, here goes:

“Cold Flower” reminds me of the may bush we had growing at the side of the house when I was little. It flowered in about September (not May as in the northern hemisphere) and as little kids we would wait until it was in full bloom then we would shake the branches and be rained upon by the millions of dainty white little petals. We would just be covered in them, and they would form a delicate white carpet on the mossy lawn. “Cold Flower” reminds of a time of innocence, there aren’t ever any worries when you’re a little kid, everything is safe and happy, and Jay’s treatment of it remnds just how long ago that period of time was, and the changes that time has brought. A wonderful mixture of happy memories, regrets, thoughts of what could have been – “Cold Flower” is a great memory maker for me. And there I am asking poor Jay whether it is may bush or not – it doesn’t matter to me, as the daintiness of the tiny petals is enough to transport me back to that innocent time.

Phew – opend up there didn’t I…

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