Your opinion is appreciated - My First Blog Entry!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been reading some blogs, and admiring people’s art/photography/tshirts, and thoroughly enjoying the whole RB experience. As addictive as it is!

What I would like to know is what is it that people want to achieve by uploading their work on RB? Is it purely sales? Is it the touchy feely positive comments? Is it the notoriety of being a featured artist on the home page?

I’ll tell you why I’m here – I get a buzz from seeing my images on this website. Simple as that. I look at a lot of people’s images, and try my hardest to meet the same standards they have achieved. Sometimes, the equipment they use, and the techniques they employ are listed – so i can see what I’m up against. At the moment, I’m using my 10 year old son’s compact digital camera and photshop to fix up the shortfalls. (My 19 year old Canon SLR is in dire need of a service/overhaul, so I’m saving up for a new camera – but nothing fancy, as this is a hobby – remember, I dabble…) In my mind I can see what I would like to create, but it quite often doesn’t work that way. What I also thought RB was about, was about people giving constructive feedback. All I’ve seen is nice, positive comments – which is great, too. I haven’t seen anyting that I would classify as negative or nasty or derogative. I have come across the odd woeful image, and am astounded at some comments that people leave on these images, and wonder whether they’re taking the piss out of that person, or whether I’m really missing the point altogether…

So, this is how it is for me…If you come across one of my images, please bear in mind the following:

1. I’m using a Canon A450 compact camera that I fight over with my son.

2. I do use photoshop, and have no idea what I’m doing until I hit the buttons. I have not training in photoshop or any other digital program.

3. I am NOT an artist, this is purely and simply a hobby of mine that I have enjoyed on and off for over 20 years. I do not aspire to be an artist, and would never put myself in the same category as many of the talented artists on RB. RB please note: maybe there should be a separate section for the likes of me, so that potential clients of the true artists who rely on RB sales for their income don’t come across images of the more amatuer RB’er, and therefore they won’t be put off buying art.

4. I love taking photos of anything and everything. I have no formal training in photography – except if you count 1 term of beginner’s photography that i did almost 13 years ago. It was 1 night a week for 2 hours, and no, nothing sunk in – I still get muddled up over all the terminology.

5. I invite you to browse my images and comment on those you feel you’d like to. Whether those comments mean you leave positive feedback, or some of your constructive criticisms, I will leave that up to you. I won’t be offended at the comments you leave. Just bear in mind the above 4 points when commenting.

6. The reason I have many of my images available for sale (even though this is only a hobby – and it will always be that way), is simply that my firneds and I may buy them. Some have already been bought, and all have been pleased with their purchase – the quality of the cards is exceptional.

So there you are, I’ve been stewing over this for several days, and I’ve finally committed typed word to screen. I have opened up why I’m here. I understand that RB’ers are very passionate and protective of their work, there are some exceptional images on this site (some I’ve even added to my favourites!), and I feel very honoured my images are accepted on RB.

So, tell me, why are you here? what do you want to achieve? What sorts of comments do you look for? I might see you around, Red Bubbling away!


dabble : )

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