How To Steal Like An Artist

So, before you get your knickers in a knot and spit out your coffee all over your screen…I want to share with you this great article by Austin Kleon I stumbled on this afternoon. Titled, How to Steal Like An Artist, and subtitled “10 things nobody told you about being creative”, it contains great tips for when we’re feeling a little less inspired.
I would normally skim over a lengthy post like this, but I found myself agreeing with so many points. There were certainly some “aha” moments for me. Do your creative self a favour and take a read. Now, I don’t want to be pushy or anything, but even if you only have time to read a couple of his points, pop back here and tell me what your favourite was. For me it was:…

Step one, “do good work,” is incredibly hard. There are no shortcuts. Make stu

Just a Quick Note...

…to wish you all a wonderful Christmas. I hope you are able to spend it with those you love and cherish.

A thank you to all my RB friends who have been so warm and supportive throughout the year – your friendship and kindness means a lot to me. Another year has flown by and I am thankful for the community spirit that is found within these virtual gallery walls – there really is no other site that even comes close to the generosity of spirit I feel whenever I log on here. I continue to learn much from you all and hope that in some small way I am also able to inspire one or two of you.

May 2012 bring you good health, much creativity, terrific light, and good times with friends and family. ♥

Am I missing Something?

I find myself asking on those occasions when life gets really busy and stressful. And YES! I most certainly am missing something – I’m missing that balanced feeling I get when I can shut out the busy-ness and the noise and the stress and instead create. But if life has been that busy that it’s taken away your creative self, I have recently found that I turn to this video (I meant to post it here weeks ago, but I was busy and then I forgot) as a way to remind me that ideas and inspiration can be found everywhere.

If you find that you’ve been missing something and life’s being feeling a little skewed away from your art, then take one or two or all 29 suggestions away with you the next spare moment you have and create some art. :)


I may have been silent – until now...

I am adding my voice to the chorus of those who are declaring that they are NOT leaving RB.…

I have been a member of this site since July 2007 and I have made many friends, had some wonderful laughs and have learnt so, so much while being a member. I am upset to see that some members are choosing to leave – they are leaving behind a community that has no doubt nurtured them as it has nurtured me and so many others. I will be staying, as deep down I believe that RB wants this community to continue to thrive. The world isn’t perfect and RB isn’t perfect. For heaven’s sake, if you see images on RB that you feel don’t fit the RB guidelines, then PLEASE report them. Don’t simply be aghast that they’re on here – actually do something. If the images truly do contravene the guidelines, they wil

AddOn Photographic Festival - Sydney

I’m always keen to support fellow RB artists so that was why I found myself over in Paddington at the Mary Place Gallery this afternoon. Curated by Charles McKean, the exhibition features photographs – all unnamed and untitled and not for sale. Each image is square in format and presented identically, white matt and frame. The size of the photographs is such that they invite you to step up to the image and view from close range. I really like that idea. There was an intimacy about viewing the photographs in that way. And from a distance, the uniformity of the framing created its own interesting exhibit.

A hard cover book featuring all of the photographs in the exhibition is also available, due to the current batch being sold out, you now need to order your copy from the gallery. The pres…

A Lo-Fi Look at the Sydney Red Bubble Meet-Up

As you’ve probably already read over here, a group of us got together to visit the Annie Leibovitz exhibition in Sydney yesterday. We had a lovely time, in spite of the showers; the guided tour at the gallery gave many of us a new insight in how Annie Leibovitz works, we dined at Circular Quay, walked through The Rocks area and took advantage of some photo opportunities. Below are some photos from our excursion, given the Lo-Fi treatment for that fun and quirky look. It was a great opportunity to meet up with bubbler friends, new and old, and spend a great day out.…

Tatiana R never missed a photo opportunity

The results were pretty pleasing, too!

The food at Rossini’s was delicious

Mel discussing the finer points of the Lensbaby with Ian

Peter and his tilt-shift lens

A rare glimpse of P

A Reminder: Annie Leibovitz Exhibition Meet-Up

Yes, it’s *this" saturday ~ this is just a reminder in case you’ve forgotten all about it! In case you missed what’s happening, there’s a group of RedBubble members attending the Annie Leibovitz Exhibition at the MCA. Details:

Annie Leibovitz Exhibition

Date: Saturday, 19th March

Time: 11am

Where: at the Harbourside steps of the MCA, Circular Quay

Price: $15 or $10 concession

Those attending so far:

Mel Brackstone
Matt Penfold
Tatiana R
Maria Moro
Ian Moses
Jeff Stockton
as well as:
Peter Hill

Am I missing your name from the list? Are you free on saturday? Need an excuse to get out of your saturday chores? Then what are you waiting for? Come and join us!

Then and Now

I thought I’d share this “Then and Now” I’ve done for a challenge on another site. I’ve had the “Then” photo sitting on my desk at home for a while now and had been meaning to create the “Now”; there always an excuse to put it off to another time… Seeing the photos by Irina Werning was the final push I needed to get out there and take the photo. I knew where the house was located, as I’d visited it a few years ago, so armed with camera, tripod and my husband as my assistant (and not a very good one, as he wasn’t as precise about the pose as I would have liked – hurumph!), we ventured to the inner city to take the photo. I’m wearing the same necklace around my neck, I tried to wear similar clothes (and in 30 degree plus day, that was a challenge), the light is all wrong and the garden has …

Wow! Who knew? Scanography?

All this time there’s been a technique called “Scanography”, and I’ve only just realised? Of course over the years I’ve scanned various body parts, like hands…but to legitimately scan objects and turn them into art? That I did not know. So, what I want to now know is, what other obscure photographic techniques are out there that I haven’t heard of?

Here’s some samples of my first scanographs:

Others can be found here

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait