The Ashes

I saw your face among the bodies

(Less Than) I Wanted

and who am I to resist temptation?
Canadian Pacific by Kirstine Dieckmann


So, 23 / what an age / what a place to be / nevermind the years / I can move mountains / in my sleep / the same as when I was / 13 / the fu…


peeling back layers (and layers) / until you have sun on your hips

peeling oranges

you keep peeling oranges because it’s something to do with your hands


dilated pupils and stains from circle-jerks / shaking hands and hoping for favors


I’ve heard egyptians believed / honey heals wounds / yet you looked horrified / when I dripped bees / onto your skin


I think of demolition / as something that happens to other people / before they can call the police

fingerless pianist

I expected / to fall in love with your hands
Strangers in Black by Kirstine Dieckmann Rooftop View by Kirstine Dieckmann Cuban Blues by Kirstine Dieckmann

One went to heaven, the other to hell

you are a loving sister, you are the hands of god,


You draw a circle in the sand / and I have to step inside of it / just to provoke / to let you know there’s no space / around you / …

Of Volcanoes and Women

Volcano. Ash flood. / I’m a goddamn pyromaniac / you’re stuck in the mud / everything you thought would remain / is on fire / I…

the sky goes dark blue, the sea goes black

the ground would never / open up and swallow you whole / that takes persuasive digging / I’m told / but the ocean would / take you in…

Serial Killer Q&A

A final question from the audience

trap the goddamn butterfly

There’s a butterfly in all of us / and a creepy larva on top / and I want that butterfly / to stay put, because / who’s to say …

don’t turn your back on an angel

Don’t turn your back on an angel / everything else they can resist / no, don’t turn your back on those / heavenly creatures, un…

October Fog

you can either wake up forcibly, / or with the world tugging at your eyelids / easing you out of bed, saying / “I want to show you …

Pool of Concrete

the entire future is what I push in front of me / dragging the past behind me like some / dying relative

On the Value of an Open Heart

My heart, / a cage / metallic, man-made, solid


imagine putting a hook on a string, / casting it out and catching it / on my nerve system

they have words for sadness (but not in this lang…

say: “can you feel this hollow / in a regular body”

is kindness red and tastes like metal?

Someone leads me to a bedroom and takes my dress.

Artificial Love Song

I have to / steal faces / and make them yours

Sins Come Easy

sweet, salty oblivion

Run Faster (my feet follow me everywhere)

as if I might / bump into someone / and inhabit their skin

to fondle a saint

Do not fool yourself

the dead man won’t know

but a grave’s not a grave / till there’s a dead man in it

(Give Me) Daggers or Death

could I at least then / be an assassin

your heart’s soaked in blood (did you know?)

and she can’t forget / oh no, never forget

redemption in 3,2,1…

“tell them I did it for love”

TRUTH! Expires: Never

make it a murder and you can slice / a new beginning

if my soul’s a wooden stick (I’d like…

I keep having this dream, about God and the Devil meeting on an empty battlefield

Run Faster Dreamcatcher

“We’re close. The dream is almost ours,”

Such Bright and Tender Darkness

Dearest Friend,


and time / I cannot wrap / my head / around time

the colour of you

I stare in idle fascination / and think; you’re muffled sunshine / and then; I’m the gray that beckons rain

Ball Pin

you’re a map and they’re pinpointing all the places to go

The devil (you know)

When you meet me I’ll tell you all about it.

The Dying, The Dead (If God Exists, Tell Him He&#…

And as I run I scream. I never knew I could sound like that.

Extra Ordinary (A Kiss)

tender hands / on fragile if’s


We are all unique little snowflakes / and the world is a cold fucking place

famous last thoughts

you know the world will stop for you.

I feel no remorse

The one pulling the trigger and sleeping soundly at night.

holes in the ground

bury me deep, bury me good

perfect balance (tangles and knots)

Maybe that’s what I should have done.

The bloodsucking bastards from the suburbs

Do you know about the vampires? / the real ones – / the bloodsucking bastards from the suburbs / They drive nice cars, they have spr…

and they lived

I don’t think I want a happy ending

Sprained wrist, bruised back

‘No’, you say, and you dare look me in the eye, ‘No not a thing’


a terrifying trap, these / two bodies colliding

And he held me

For the briefest of moments there was no beginning and there was no end.

“LOL” haiku

I like Nachos better / Than my body / Evil Circle

From Russia With Love

Dearest, / I have realized there’s much I want to ask you, and I’m sorry. Somehow I either forgot or we simply ran out of time…


and it’s mostly a candid photo / it’s a blur and it’s a mess


and here’s my bloodred fingertips / on my dead man’s lips

Skeleton of Ice

I’m cold to the bone


Want to feel it? / This distant pounding in my chest / baboom, baboom, / the same rhythm as a football team on drugs / running a cross coun…

Inhale, exhale

There’s the handsome young boy / with the cigarette burns / and his worn out hands / take turns at taking turns / He inhales, exhales…


This is where we collide / between stars, the people, the ocean / and tiny atoms / blown into growing nothingness / Let us connect

For a Lost One

I’ve been waiting an eternity it seems / But eternity, I know, / Would disagree


So you must feel a cold snap of jealousy / I say snap / because it is a snap / Snap Snap / it goes / Snap / What should I do? / Snap / Reac…

There is no such sorrow

There is no sorrow / As great as that of a heart / Knowing it could comfort you for always / Yet never look at you once more

Dead Like Me

“And dying, what clever words do you have to say about dying?!” He nearly yelled as he pointed the gun at my head. / “Dyi…

What she wouldn’t say I wouldn’t know

She was on the stage with nothing but a small piece of paper. / She didn’t say her name, or why she was there, and she kept her gaze…


I was taking a walk / in the light of my existence / When a thousand birds / came right across my path

A ray of fucking sunshine

Put on socks / to beat the cold wooden floor / go back to bed, oh god / I’ll never fall asleep no more

Freedom Never Cries

And these are the days you realise we don’t fight for peace. / Peace is nearly impossible to have within your power, few people expe…

Brick Walls

and I’m crashing into brick walls / They’ve got names / my bricks / Such as / Stupid


A vision of today.

Cherry Pick

Picture my body glisten / from heat to sweat in loud delight / You’re a drug, a rare ambrosia

These White Walls Are Sedative

People have perculiar faces / when you see through coloured glass

On A Regular Basis

He puts on a tie / She looks outside / He says it’s a beautiful morning / She hums a silent melody / He wouldn’t notice her lack of reply /…

Just shut the fuck up

You told me / to go fuck myself / and I did / So, you asked me how / And I told you / Like you told me / But you didn’t understand /…

I wish (for things I can’t have)

I wish the snow was warmer / I wish I had your hands to hold / I wish you would understand / that my “I’m fine” is a com…


I’m looking at agony / my best friend / and most desired enemy

Memories to Stories

And those we tell again / are those who made us believe

An Apology

Life never treated me wrong / I just think it was hurt / about me never appreciating it / … I’m sorry
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