Here's the trapdoor to my soul.

(Less Than) I Wanted

and who am I to resist temptation?


peeling back layers (and layers) / until you have sun on your hips

fingerless pianist

I expected / to fall in love with your hands

peeling oranges

you keep peeling oranges because it’s something to do with your hands


dilated pupils and stains from circle-jerks / shaking hands and hoping for favors


I’ve heard egyptians believed / honey heals wounds / yet you looked horrified / when I dripped bees / onto your skin


So, 23 / what an age / what a place to be / nevermind the years / I can move mountains / in my sleep / the same as when I was / 13 / the fu…

the sky goes dark blue, the sea goes black

the ground would never / open up and swallow you whole / that takes persuasive digging / I’m told / but the ocean would / take you in…

holes in the ground

bury me deep, bury me good

the dead man won’t know

but a grave’s not a grave / till there’s a dead man in it

Extra Ordinary (A Kiss)

tender hands / on fragile if’s


imagine putting a hook on a string, / casting it out and catching it / on my nerve system

TRUTH! Expires: Never

make it a murder and you can slice / a new beginning

Pool of Concrete

the entire future is what I push in front of me / dragging the past behind me like some / dying relative

On the Value of an Open Heart

My heart, / a cage / metallic, man-made, solid

8 bullets

I have a gun with 8 bullets / I could kill a man with each one / People say I’m crazy / and that this cannot be done / But I beg to d…

Artificial Love Song

I have to / steal faces / and make them yours

Sins Come Easy

sweet, salty oblivion

(Give Me) Daggers or Death

could I at least then / be an assassin


and it’s mostly a candid photo / it’s a blur and it’s a mess

Ball Pin

you’re a map and they’re pinpointing all the places to go

Sprained wrist, bruised back

‘No’, you say, and you dare look me in the eye, ‘No not a thing’


a terrifying trap, these / two bodies colliding

Inhale, exhale

There’s the handsome young boy / with the cigarette burns / and his worn out hands / take turns at taking turns / He inhales, exhales…

trap the goddamn butterfly

There’s a butterfly in all of us / and a creepy larva on top / and I want that butterfly / to stay put, because / who’s to say …

to fondle a saint

Do not fool yourself

the colour of you

I stare in idle fascination / and think; you’re muffled sunshine / and then; I’m the gray that beckons rain

A ray of fucking sunshine

Put on socks / to beat the cold wooden floor / go back to bed, oh god / I’ll never fall asleep no more

October Fog

you can either wake up forcibly, / or with the world tugging at your eyelids / easing you out of bed, saying / “I want to show you …


and time / I cannot wrap / my head / around time

they have words for sadness (but not in this lang…

say: “can you feel this hollow / in a regular body”

famous last thoughts

you know the world will stop for you.

The bloodsucking bastards from the suburbs

Do you know about the vampires? / the real ones – / the bloodsucking bastards from the suburbs / They drive nice cars, they have spr…

and they lived

I don’t think I want a happy ending

Cherry Pick

Picture my body glisten / from heat to sweat in loud delight / You’re a drug, a rare ambrosia

Brick Walls

and I’m crashing into brick walls / They’ve got names / my bricks / Such as / Stupid


and here’s my bloodred fingertips / on my dead man’s lips

Skeleton of Ice

I’m cold to the bone

Beauty of Nature

My veins push my blood / to keep my body alive

For a Lost One

I’ve been waiting an eternity it seems / But eternity, I know, / Would disagree

There is no such sorrow

There is no sorrow / As great as that of a heart / Knowing it could comfort you for always / Yet never look at you once more


So you must feel a cold snap of jealousy / I say snap / because it is a snap / Snap Snap / it goes / Snap / What should I do? / Snap / Reac…

don’t turn your back on an angel

Don’t turn your back on an angel / everything else they can resist / no, don’t turn your back on those / heavenly creatures, un…

Shooting Stars

For every wish I took for granted / stardust burning in the sky

The Sky

You told me / I cannot give you the sky / to which I replied / It doesn’t matter / the sky is already mine


I think of demolition / as something that happens to other people / before they can call the police

The Stars

I took a picture of the sky / Someday / The stars will know


Want to feel it? / This distant pounding in my chest / baboom, baboom, / the same rhythm as a football team on drugs / running a cross coun…


I was taking a walk / in the light of my existence / When a thousand birds / came right across my path

These White Walls Are Sedative

People have perculiar faces / when you see through coloured glass

On A Regular Basis

He puts on a tie / She looks outside / He says it’s a beautiful morning / She hums a silent melody / He wouldn’t notice her lack of reply /…


This is where we collide / between stars, the people, the ocean / and tiny atoms / blown into growing nothingness / Let us connect

redemption in 3,2,1…

“tell them I did it for love”


A vision of today.


I’m looking at agony / my best friend / and most desired enemy

Memories to Stories

And those we tell again / are those who made us believe

Just friends

Love is a synonym / for a broken heart (and it’s not mine)


The dust in the air / makes my breath fade / the last reign of sunshine / is now a distant shade / if I never wake tomorrow / when the twil…

The Anonymous Dead

I’ve never lost a comrade / and I’ve never been to war / But I know the things you fight for / I recognize the core / I donR…


A thrill to kiss / we cease to exist / Moments of time / passing us by

Betrayal of the Soul

I launch myself back / while holding my breath

The Plan

I will never be what I wanted / because what I wanted was not what they planned / and the plan was to forget me / so they forgot / and I wi…


I need the night

Fallen Land

This is my center / my place of fallen land / Here I will rest my soul / in the arms of your demand / This is my hiding place / where memor…

The Beautiful

We’re out of ice / and satan is holding the wheel


How could anything escape / this metallic cage?


Her feet slipped through the grass / She walked, she did not run / silent as a nighthawk / She did not wake the sleeping snake / He walked …
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