Merideth Ann Price

Chapter 1
What Happened After

The theater was silent. Suddenly Annie started bawling, not trying to pretend she wasn’t. Others pretended but they weren’t really crying. They were not the 10-year-old sisters. But I can assure you that one person in the theater when the principle made the sad announcement did not miss her at all. In fact that person was very happy indeed.

It was two days since the kidnapping of Merideth Ann, when the fourteen year olds family was outside the Texas police office; they had just come there from the school. Sojo and Annie, the seven and ten year olds, stood in the front while Zachary, 16, and Mary-Lynne, 11, stood scattered around their parents and sisters. Just then the principle, a man who looked like a coat rack with a spindly frame and a quite round head, and Officer Giganzia, a great surly looking man with hair that made his awkward frame (a little like a small refrigerator) look almost small, walked out of the air-conditioned building and up to the family in the Texas heat. They all looked so uniform in their platinum hair and blue eyes the color of the Adriatic Sea, yet they looked sad and hopeful at the same time. Soon they looked only sad as Mr. Jenabe shook his head and sighed

“ I am very sorry Mr. and Mrs. Price,” Mr. Jenabe said, “ about the kidnapping of your daughter. It is a great misfortune that…” “Don’t you give me that it’s a great misfortune stuff! My daughter is missing and we want that detective team looking for her right away!” Mrs. Price sobbed.

“Yes. I know you and your family really want to find Merideth, and the police have got their whole detective team looking for her. Now we would really like to talk to you if you don’t mind. So please come with us.”

“Why do you want to question me?”, said Mrs. Price, “Me and my family have been up in Kaukauna this whole time!”

“Don’t worry, we would just like to talk to you about Merideth and ask if you know much about our suspects,” were officer Giganzia’s fords words on that day.

“Okay, whatever,” Mrs. Price said wiping tears from her eyes.

Chapter 2: Louis Mundo
“So who are the suspects?”, Mrs. Price asked once they were in the interrogation room.

“Well we have one,” said the Principal, “ a single faculty member as a suspect because, well, you can watch the interrogation. His name is Louis Mundo, and he is our janitor here at Brockwell High. You can watch the questioning through that one-way mirror there.” He added, “I’m going to leave now, the detective team will take over from here.”

Mrs. Price stood up and walked out of the room to the detective team who walked into the room with Louis Mundo. Thinking that that man could be the horrible person who kidnapped her daughter, she felt like bursting in and attacking him, but what she heard next changed her mind. In fact, she didn’t want to attack him – she wanted to kill him.

“I ki’nap the wee lassie? Nay, but I s’lute the person ‘oo did. She was a righ’ piece o’ trouble, that one. Pers’naly I’m glad tha’ lassie is gone, I am. But I did’n ki’nap her. I promise,” Louis added hastily at the looks on the detective team’s faces.

“Where were you on Tuesday, November 13th at 6:00, the day the girl got kidnapped?”

“Why?” He asked. “OK, I was cleanin’ up a mess tha’ some lads left. They always makin’ messes fer me ter clean up. Tha’ lil Merideth lassie was prob’ly the wors’o’em all. She and her posse – mates if you could call it tha’, would always leave messes fer me ter clean up. Mind you they weren’t jus’ bein’ kids. No ‘ay, they liked watchin’ me clean up their dir’ and grime – thought it was funny watching me prac’t’ly breaking my back,” Louis finished.

“OK, thank you. We will contact you if we need any more help,” finished the leader of the detctive team. “ You can go now.”

Chapter 3: The Murder

“Mrs. Price and family, we have some very disturbing news,” the forensics head said one day later. “We have evidence that your daughter is dead. We found a lot of her blood on the floor of the school cellar and it was so much that she couldn’t survive without it. A human being only has a certain amount of blood.” The forensics head of the department announced “I am very sorry.”

“Noooo! You’re lying, you’re lying, you’re lying. It isn’t right, it can’t happen. No!” The whole family made this composition of words.

“You’ll be pleased to know that we do have another suspect. Here name is Mrs. Amiandel Ciamness. She was Merideth’s homeroom teacher and her fingerprints were found nearby the sink that the caterers use. The funny thing is, she is a teacher and she isn’t supposed to be in the cellar,” Mr. Jenabe said sadly. “Now we should go talk to her,” and he led the sad family off to Mrs. Ciamness.


“Mrs. Ciamness, we have evidence that Merideth Price has died. In the same place we found your fingerprints, where they shouldn’t be.” Said officer Giganzia.

“Well of course,” Mrs. Ciamness said “that is where I got rid of the body. I put here in the cellar.”

“Aaaahh!” screamed Mrs. Price. “Where? Where is she?”

“Arrest her and lead her to the cellar!” Officer Giganzia ordered his backup. “You follow me!” but they didn’t need telling, the family was already halfway there.

Chapter 4: Down in the cellar

“Aaaaaaaah!” was the sound of Sojo’s blood curdling scream as she opened the cleaning supplies bag underneath the sink. There she found the chopped up remains of her sister in the bag.

Immediately Mrs. Price turned to face Mrs. Ciamness. “Why?” She could barely muster a whisper. “Why?”

“Well a quite simple reason. She didn’t get good grades,” Mrs. Ciamness said. With a smile on her face, she turned to face the police. “Of we go then.”

Merideth Ann Price

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This is another writing piece that I wrote in 6th grade, but i edited it. Enjoy! : )


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