Photographer etiquette

Hi everyone

I just wanted to send out a quick message as it’s come to my attention that some photographers are behaving inappropriately when contacting and working with models. At times the world of photography can be a small community, and those of us in Adelaide will know how small this town can be sometimes. A reputation will quickly be formed!

My advice is to at ALL times behave in a professional manner. By all means be friendly and build rapport with the model, but this does not mean you have to be their actual friend to work with them. If a model lists that they do nude work it’s okay to request a nude shoot, you don’t have to be a friend or “…get to know you before asking you to take your clothes off….” Because you want to do nude work should not mean you are being pervy or that you have to explain that you are not a pervert to the model. If you are both behaving in a professional manner this shouldn’t even be part of it.

The other thing I would like to say is that as photographers, we are all at different levels of experience and ability and there are many different styles from person to person. If a person requests critique then by all means give it to them. But to suggest to a photographer that they are of a low ability and should therefore only stick to shooting portraits is rude and arrogant.

I’m sad to say that I have recently lost a lot of respect for a photographer who I previously held in high regard. Fellow members, please consider what you say and how it may travel!

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