I am ART

Ah yes, what is it you need? Do you really think you need me Joseph? I’m telling you that you don’t. What you need is a woman to cook, clean, does chores, work full time for you that’s what you need. Not me because I am ART.

When you look at a work of art, be it a painting, literature, music, theatre arts you are simply looking at me. Even when I pass you by along the street and you don’t recognize that these works are me. You know that, even if Picasso the man passed you by you might recognize him yes, but you are looking only at the man not his work.

You claim to be ART Aliana? Be careful what you wish for. Someday Joseph I will prove this to you I swear.

Joseph with Ax in hand runs to Aliana’s gallery. He chops away all of them in anger. After doing this he goes back to Aliana to prove she is wrong. What does he see? He sees his wife all chopped up into bits and pieces. What’s this? Then he runs back to the gallery see what he did is all gone and in its place there is this huge beautiful Masterpiece of Aliana chopped up. Joseph is bewildered, what is this? Who did this?
I did said his wife. Now do you see Joseph I told you the truth.

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