Chapter 2 (Rough Draft)

Chapter 2: The Box Blunder

Well my fellow readers, students, and detectives I am sitting here at home at this computer trying to figure out what it was I truly saw and heard today. Because as I am sure you know the old saying, “Believe Nothing you hear and only half of what you see”. Which brings me to the next chapter in this unbelievable tale of food, spying and secrets.

The week started out pretty much the same as the last few weeks, school getting going and teachers bustling their students about. The librarian Ms.Vee asked Mayhan to put her down for a lunch tray this afternoon. Which if you want to eat lunch here at the school you have to tell the ladies so they can get a numbered count of how many are eating with them each day this way they know how many to cook for which makes sense right? More math YUCK! It seems to pop up at the most unwanted places, a school lunch count of all things!
Well, Mayhan replied rather strangely to Ms.Vee by saying that She’d have to get back with her and let her know if her getting a lunch was even possible today. I thought to myself, “What?” I don’t believe Mayhan has EVER said that before.
Ms.Vee looked rather upset and just walked off back towards the library. I mean what could she say? Where would she eat if she didn’t eat here?
As I was about to leave the cafeteria I heard Mayhan and Clements discussing the morning events:
Mayhan was simply shaking her head in disbelief as Clements was wiping down the tables from breakfast and telling Mayhan, “I know, I know when Sandi called this morning I tried to tell her that we didn’t need them. I mean of all the schools in the town and S.T.Sharri sends them to ours?” said Clements. Just then Grey popped her head around the corner, “Morning All!” in one of her cheery moods again. She had just put on her apron and adjusted her black hair net when she realized the expressions on Clements and Mayhan. “What, what!” she said. That is when Clements turned to talk to them both, “I can’t believe that she is sending them to us this week! I mean don’t we have enough to deal with besides making the homemade chocolate cake, frosting and rolls this week, then having to learn her new ziti recipe which we all know was just to make us suffer! But for that Silver Tongue Sharri to send the EATERS to our cafeteria?! I mean she might as well send us all to different schools and work us to death there.” Now, now calm down Clements I am sure you just didn’t understand Sandi right, I mean she doesn’t speak very clearly anyways, that cough of hers can really mess things up. Mayhan was saying all this to calm down Clements and Grey as she was working on the students’ accounts from breakfast. What do you mean the Eaters? Grey said as she was straightening up the serving line and setting it up for lunch.
The EATERS! The Eaters are two bullies who go around to different schools on a mission for S.T. Sharri, they are supposed to test the food and watch the cooks to see if they are doing right and cooking well. Clements was saying as she was changing out the silverware from breakfast to lunch.
”No way, I thought that was just a rumor, you know to scare us and to keep making sure we were on our toes at all times” said Grey as she started working on the salad for the day.
Just then, in came Vance from the parking lot all in a huff. “Ladies there is a dirty van out in the parking lot in behind the trash cans just sitting there running. It kind of creeped me out, I mean they could be here wanting to snatch a kid or something!”
For once, I started out the school doors without thinking. I mean ever since the town has been under stress from recent violent events from the big cities they have started making us lock all outside school doors except the front ones that go straight into the office. That way they can see who is leaving and coming into the school at all times.
But the really bad part is that I could have gotten outside, by myself without a key, and been in real danger. The worst part is no one would have known a thing! So, I thought… I don’t know this van and by myself I can’t really do anything. And just in the nick of time I managed to skid past the doors on the wet, newly mopped floors and right into the custodian’s closet next to the cafeteria. As my door closed and I found myself in the dark I reached for the light switch when I heard a pounding on the outside door. That is when the custodian Mr.Beeza came around the corner from the lunchroom shouting, “Another successful breakfast, but the important thing is nobody got hurt!”
Mr.Beeza is our school custodian he is a really super nice guy, and very silly too! He usually wears blue jeans and cowboy boots. Mr.Beeza always makes the kids laugh as they dump their lunch trays and take the dirty trays to the window to Ms.Gray to wash. He usually tells them in a funny voice that drives Ms.Fruiti up the wall… “Take them to the friendly little window” as he shakes them on the trashcan and tells the kids their trays are nervous. If every school had a Mr.Beeza they would be just as lucky as we were here at Wampus Cats Elementary! The kids love him and the ladies in the kitchen think he is a super nice custodian.
As he was rattling his keys walking to the door I just knew he was going to be letting in this unknown person I thought to myself there in the closet, “Oh No! What if he decides he needs a broom? Here I am in his cleaning closet up to my arms in mops, brooms and cleaning supplies what will I do?”
That is when Vance came out of the cafeteria door; she knocked over Beeza and caused the biggest, funniest scene you ever saw! How did I know being that I was hiding in the closet?
Well, just as soon as I heard the crash, I sneaked out and down the hall to the Girls bathroom just in time to turn around and see that Vance had a pile of empty boxes that she had been trying to take to the box bin when she must not have seen Beeza and crashed into him.
They were both sprawled on the wet floor trying to get up, but the funny thing about it was that the more they struggled all of the new wax on the floor that Mr.Beeza had just put down made them slide around like they were on ice. I thought I was going to pee my pants I was laughing so hard, so I decided since I was in the bathroom I might as well go and use the toilet right?
As I was going in the stall I remembered the one thing that had bothered me the most, was that I didn’t get to see who that was, that had been pounding on the door wanting in.

Chapter 2 (Rough Draft)


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