Chapter 1 (rough draft)

Chapter one: Just plain odd

When school started this year it was really hot out, still mid-August. I couldn’t believe we had to suffer through these afternoons in this terribly hot lunchroom! I mean could you imagine standing in the kitchen like the lunch ladies do? Each day, everyday and all year long? With the ovens blowing out hot air and the warmers (that keep our food warm) going full blast?
Ms. Fruiti is the wacky lady that watches the kids in the lunchroom as they eat. But she loves to turn off the ceiling fans in the lunchroom because she gets cold. That drives us crazy on these hot August days. I mean come on! Get a sweater or get up and do some WORK!
At least, that last part was what I overheard between Ms.Clement and Ms.Grey as they were both wiping down the breakfast tables and getting ready to start lunch when Mr.Jeckyl from the food service warehouse popped his crooked nose in the kitchen door and screamed at the top of his lungs, ‘There’s no place to put anything!”
You just have to know Mr.Jeckyl he is one of Silver Tongue Sharri’s hench men which means he whines about everything, watches the ladies and reports right back to her evil highness. At least …I think she’d like to be called a highness. From what I hear S.T. Sharri hates the lunch ladies, she thinks they are not very smart. I know better though they are smart enough to not like or trust that Silver Tongue Sharri! She is their supervisor and she plans what the ladies cook in the kitchen.
However, back to Mr. Jeckyl, he loves to go through the kitchen at top speed knocking things over, grabbing the food, eating what he can and whining,” There’s no where to put ANYTHING!” This way if he made enough noise and caused enough problems other people might think that the Lunch ladies aren’t doing their job. You know, S.T. Sharri would love it if everyone else in the school hated the lunch ladies as much as she does!

Then I heard Ms.Clements say, “Now Jeckyl… if I had known you were coming I could have made room in the freezer for all the food that you have brought from the warehouse. I will straighten up the freezer for you in the meantime why don’t you have a Bagel?” He replied rather mean like, “I wouldn’t eat this stuff if you paid me” as he shoved a sausage bagel in his crooked mouth with small pieces of it crumbling to the newly mopped floor.Just then Ms. Grey came out from Mayhan’s office and said, “Phone call, I think it is Sandi”. Which made Mayhan and the other ladies shrink in disgust. Then Mayhan replied,” Great!” as she rubbed her forehead and went to answer the phone to see why Sandi was bothering them again today.

Sandi is Silver Tongue Sharri’s Mocking Bird. She repeats and does just what Evil Sharri tells her to worst of all she really seems to enjoy having everyone hate her. I think she also likes it that they don’t want to answer the phone when it rings. I have thought about how to tell you what she looks like for the longest time, the easiest thing to say is she has rainbow colored hair and her clothes always smell like burned cheese. That’s not the worst part either she’s very mean too!
Mayhan came back into the kitchen where the women were working to get lunch cooked for the day and said that Sandi was as hateful as ever and demanded to know if Mayhan or any of the other women in the kitchen knew where Odd was or if they had seen him loafing around the school. You see, Odd had disappeared and no one has seen him since Monday morning at the warehouse when the produce truck made their deliveries for Silver Tongue Sharri. I know, I know that wouldn’t be a big deal if Monday was yesterday, but today is Wednesday and for those of you who are too wrapped up in the suspense to figure out this problem… that was two days ago.
Now as for Odd he was fat, lazy, and quite rude and he had flies swarming around him all the time. I guess from not taking baths then again, it could be from wearing the same clothes all the time. I guess if you think about it when your mom asks you to take a bath she might have a good reason for it. However, if you would let me know when you figure out the reason for taking baths that would be great! I just know I hate taking them myself!
But Odd liked to really upset the Lunch Ladies he always tells them he gets paid a lot more money than they do for doing nothing when the work their fingers to the bone. Then he would snort and scratch his butt as he walked away leaving them feeling very bad. But for him to just up and disappear without grunting at anyone and trying to get something for free was not like Odd at all.
Vance said that she heard from her other job that Odd didn’t like the way that S.T. Sharri was keeping a tracking device on their delivery trucks to know where they were at all times, she’s just that way you know…has to bother everyone else because she doesn’t have enough to do at her own job. Of Course that really made Grey, Clements and Mayhan all laugh. These women really worked well together. Seemed to be great friends too. So, naturally, I felt really bad for them that they had to put up with Odd, Sandi, and of course with S.T. Sharri.
As I was standing in the hall on the other side of the glass door by the Custodian’s closet just out of sight I learned a really weird secret that day:

Mayhan had said,” You know ladies, what I find REALLY strange about this job? Remind you that I have been working for S.T. Sharri for many years; it is the fact that NO ONE, not even terrible Mr.Jeckyl knows what she looks like! When I take over the monthly food totals and drop them off at that terrible old shack of a warehouse, I knock on her office door and from some where inside I hear a faint “AHEM, come in now!” I go in and the only thing I see is a filthy office cluttered with broken items and tons of trash heaped in piles! But always on her desk is a purse, not just any purse mind you, but a leopard print bag with ostrich feathers that are black and orange. No one is there that I can ever see; however I always feel like someone is watching me. Sharri keeps her office is so dark and it really smells like a wet puppy.” The other women replied with words like yuck and gross and Clements even said she didn’t know how Mayhan did it every week, go over there by herself.I just kept thinking as I was walking down the hallway towards the playground that I couldn’t stand it not knowing what was in that office. Or what was in the dark watching Ms.Mayhan or why Silver Tongue Sharri would want to carry around with her a purse that looked as if it were some thing she may have killed or hit with her car.

I left the custodian’s closet feeling saddened and happy at the same time. Sad because no one ever really appreciates these loopy nice lunch ladies, but happy because I knew them and wanted to help them and I knew I could if I tried.
Just then as the school bell rang for the day to begin and Jeckyl left in the dingy white van out of the school parking lot I wondered where was Odd and why didn’t anyone at the warehouse seem to care that he was missing? I can’t wait to see how this semester will be here at W.C. Elementary!
Slowly as I turned the corner to go down the hall towards the playground past the third grade classrooms a strange thing caught my eye…Jeckyl sitting on the edge of the parking lot in a chair by his van with a set of binoculars looking right at me or so it seemed. What could he be up to snooping like that when he is supposed to be at work delivering his goods to other schools OR is he at work snooping on these four ladies for Silver Tongue Sharri and her awful secretary Sandi?

Chapter 1 (rough draft)


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