Fear and Loathing in modern communication tools.

A half-thought out note of a journal entry, jotted quickly down on a discarded cyber-napkin and swept – quite by accident – across your electronic window by some sort of stray binary-breeze.

Tragedy has struck.

I sought only to relieve the tired eyeballs sick of the sight of casual sweat-clothing, comfortable elasticated waist bands, gaudy advertising, rambunctious students lurking about Lygon Street, harried men in suits, unrouged lips, modern glassy surfaces and drive through McDonalds.

I sought only to update my mailing list so as to send a note to say i’ve updated my website and to shamelessly plug Cserpent’s new online shop at the fabulous Redbubble. “So many wonders to be here seen, a haven for truly talented artists, writers, photographers and those of quick wit” i wanted to tell them.

But it was not to be.

Alas, tis a sad day at Cserpent Art headquarters, a dyspeptic god or two has sent a cruel and malignant wind my way – and due to an "administrative error " (now we are not saying if the culprit was drunk or not, or indeed if the fiercely squawking parrot found next to the 5 banana’s, oversize potato sack, 78 yards of french lace and crate of empty ginger beer can be implicated…) but the unfortunate upshot of this foul caper is that the whole of my mailing list has been forever deleted.

Woe, woe and more woe is me.

Cserpent must now go and drown in a bathtub full of gin.

Adieu, adieu…

Madame C.

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